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  1. We are in the AOS phase after getting married on K1. The birth certificate he has doesn't have his parent's information on it and is pretty simple looking. Do we NEED to include a more detailed version ( if there is one for UK ) or is the one we have okay? Thanks
  2. Thank you ! Should I include paystubs?
  3. Okay yes for 2017 it is a form 1040A, for 2016 it is a form 1040EZ, for 2015 it is a 1040EZ Thanks!
  4. Thank you this makes sense ! So I have my 2017, 16 and 15 tax returns. The 2017 one has the box 22 but the 2016 and 2015 have the gross income listed under box 4. ( does that matter ? ) I also have my W2s to coincide. My 2017 tax return says 28,653 in box 22 so I think that is all that will be necessary? What about paystubs and letter from work? I have a letter from my employer from Oct 29th that I used for the first affidavit of support. Thanks.
  5. Hello we are working on our affidavit of support for AOS on K1 visa. My current income is above the 20,000 recommended. My 2017 and 2016 are above too - however only my 2015 was lower. Do I NEED to get a joint sponsor? Has anyone had anything similar to this? Thank you
  6. Hello, so we are a little confused about the I-765. Is that for a work permit? If we fill out the I-485 do we need that work permit ? ( does the I-765 expire in the 90 days ? ) We are just trying to figure out what we NEED to file with the initial AOS paperwork. For example, do we need another Affidavit of support like we had for the K1? Thanks !
  7. Hello my fiance came over on his K-1 last Saturday, we got married Wednesday. It is our understanding that he cant work until he files for a work permit or the AOS. What do we do now? Is there a detailed synopsis of what we need to do next? The AOS costs $1,225 , we printed and filled out the I-485 paperwork. We want to pay with card so we included a form G-1450. What other information do we need to include? We mail this off to the Chicago address correct? What happens after that / how do we know when the interview, biometrics, or next step is? Thank you
  8. Jen&Cal

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    Thank you !! Mine flies in tomorrow too ! (:
  9. Jen&Cal

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    We just got ours delivered !! YES !
  10. Jen&Cal

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    He is in Stoke on Trent !! Yes he mentioned it looked like it was snowing, hope it gets there today !
  11. Jen&Cal

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    OH MY GOSH !!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU ~ Does yours have the packet ? Congratsss (: Hope ours comes next !! ahhhh !!
  12. Jen&Cal

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    Ours says the same !! "On the Road" ! UGH I'm at work but I kept telling my fiance to stay by the door and DO NOT miss the delivery ! We have flights booked for tomorrow so I hope it comes soon... Everyone on VJ said it was a window of 8am to 6pm but our tracking email provided no time frame! Hope we both get ours soon. (: Let me know when you get yours !
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    No you don't have to wait for your case to arrive at the embassy ! You do have to wait for it to arrive at the embassy for the interview - but medical is fine and will take a week or so to get to the embassy. Even if the embassy doesn't have your case yet it will be fine ! I suggest you get the medical out of the way because sometime they ask for additional things to be faxed/emailed to them. We had to send additional medical summery / reports which held us up a little.