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  1. Hi Everyone, told myself I wasn’t going to lurk on visajourney until the end of October yet here I am😂 Hoping this won’t be as stressful as the K1 process but we’ll soon see about that!
  2. I was in the same position a couple of weeks ago, call knightsbridge every day or go on their cancellation list. They called me after one day and I got an appointment for the following week!
  3. @Vholde346That so helpful! Thank you very much, really appreciate it
  4. Firstly congrats! Secondly what is the closest availability at the minute in London?
  5. Kiera22

    Expedited case

    My fiancé has just received the same two mails back to back and I was just wondering what your outcome was?
  6. Our case arrived at the NVC on the 14th May and we are still waiting for our case number, seems as though most get them a day or two after though!
  7. Sorry for the duplicate post...got the date wrong in the first one. I have no idea how to delete and my hands are still shaking!
  8. This weekend I vowed not to look at anything visa related as I was going slightly insane but on the way to work this morning I thought I might aswell check. Low and behold we got approved on Friday via the new site!!! I’ve been wanting to write the below for a very long time... NOA1 Received: 10/10/17 RFE: 29/01/2018 RFE Received: 11/04/2018 NOA2: 27/04/2018 Best of luck to all those still waiting, hoping this week rains approvals!
  9. I know me too but I remind myself to be thankful that we have some kind of movement unlike so many others! I’m trying not to look at anything now (apart from this forum) because it drives me/my fiancé crazy haha
  10. Yeah I was thinking that they must have lost the photo or something! I’m exactly the same, we are sooooooo close though hopefully it will be any day now
  11. Well there was two things: one was a letter of intent to marry from me (beneficiary) and then a new passport photo of my fiancé...which I thought was a bit bizarre. Not quite a tick-box but nothing too complicated!
  12. Just wanted to give a quick heads up to people who have just got their RFE received notification from USCIS. We (naively) thought that we would receive our NOA2 within a week but it’s now been 15 days (I know not a ridiculous amount of time) and we are still waiting. I’m not complaining because I know it will be coming soon (hopefully) but just wanted to let you know so you maybe don’t get your hopes up like we did. Best of luck to everyone today!
  13. Kiera22

    Medical Summary

    She seemed to think it would be around the £50 mark but I don’t mind if it’s just £5/£10! Thanks guys!
  14. Kiera22

    Medical Summary

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help me, my fiancé has just sent off our RFE so I’m anticipating we will receive our NOA2 soon so want to start getting bits and pieces together. I rang my doctors surgery and asked about getting a medical summary (because I didn’t really want to book an appointment to waste the doctors time) and the receptionist told me that getting a medical summary is classified as private care and so I would have to pay for it. Has anyone else had paid for their medical summary from the GP? Thanks in advance!