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  1. The Islamabad embassy is very difficult to get a K-1 visa from. My fiance was denied from there. We are getting married and then filing an i130.
  2. I think it depends on which embassy and the the situation.
  3. mich923

    CR1 passport photo

    Yes it will be ok
  4. Yes I believe with the Islamabad embassy it's better for a cr1 instead of fiance visa.
  5. His interview was on December 4th. I tried emailing the embassy a few days ago but haven't received a response yet.
  6. When a petition is denied it goes back to the NVC. I've called them and they said the embassy hasn't sent it back yet for mine.
  7. I would just take a lot of photos to show the Nikah ceremony
  8. My fiance also asked the reason at the end of his interview and the CO just said the interview is over and walked away. We are still trying to find the reason. I've called the NVC and he's called the embassy and emailed them, but no answer.
  9. My fiance was also denied at the Islamabad embassy. They didn't give my fiance a piece of paper either, they just handed back his passport and said the petition will be sent back to the NVC. We are now planning a wedding and I will file the I130. I am still trying to find out the reason for denial.
  10. The CO tried to convince my fiance that he was lying, but my fiance said he isn't lying. Then the CO started asking why we didn't get married sooner? Then asked how we met? The CO said he is sending the application back.
  11. What clues in past posts? Unfortunately I don't have every detail as my fiance is still traveling home.
  12. Yes I am aware of that, but from what he told me was she cheated on him and wanted to marry someone else, that's why he divorced her. And she said she withdrew the application. My fiance and I met in 2015 on an anonymous app called Whisper so I don't believe our case would be fraudulent. We are also figuring out other details on what to do next. We have discussed me moving there. My mom came to meet him and his family in Pakistan which we brought as proof. We do have different cultural and religious backgrounds, and he is 5 years older with no children.
  13. Not that I'm aware of. It was a straight forward divorce.