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  1. It says they don't need a PCC, but my husband got it anyway. The embassy ending up taking it when he showed them
  2. I would just call or email the embassy or consulate that you have to go to and explain what you are doing and ask what documents they need. That will probably be the most accurate way to get the information for your situation. They might have a special visa category for what you are doing
  3. If you call first thing in the morning someone will answer
  4. I'm 6/17, I haven't heard anything yet. Probably around December, we will hear something
  5. Yes you should tell your fiance as it might be brought up during the interview. It is best to know before hand that way he/she isn't surprised.
  6. Would anyone know or direct me to where I can find out about how long it will take from the NVC stage to getting an interview at the Islamabad embassy for the I-130?
  7. Does anyone know about how long it will take from the receiving the NOA2 to an estimated interview date for the embassy in Islamabad? Thank you!
  8. Even when you use an attorney, they should send you anything they received regarding your case.
  9. For the spousal visa, can a beneficiary be added to the petitioner's insurance plan once the he/she enters the US since they are already married and not in an open enrollment period? Are the insurance companies still treating it as a life event?
  10. It would be Hindi. My husband is from Pakistan but his native language is Punjabi so he wrote in Urdu since that is the official language of Pakistan.
  11. I received it 6 months after the interview. Right after the interview I've tried contacting the embassy, NVC, and USCIS and spoke to tier 2. All of them said they didn't have a reason. I think your best bet is to marry in your fiance's country. I did a wedding in Pakistan and hopefully when my husband gets here we will have a wedding here too
  12. My husband (at the time fiance) was denied the same way. He wasn't given a denial slip either. Most likely, you won't get an answer from the embassy either. We received the termination notice, but it didn't tell us anything. Your best bet is to have a few more visits and marry in your fiance's country or a 3rd country if possible.
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