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  1. Wife arrived on K-1. We were married, 6 months later received her Green card, all in her maiden name. Received SS card in MARRIED NAME (my last name) by showing marriage certificate when applied for SS card. Received learners drivers license in her married name. I am not clear what she needs to do now with USCIS. Does she need to do a Change of Status which includes new physical, lab tests and complete application almost the same as the Green Card ap? (!!!) Any advice from someone who has had this situation will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Involving Congressman or woman can be helpful. In my case, I was asked to add an affidavit of support from another individual when I had substantial assets and income well over the minimum required. The requirement was removed after a letter from my local congress woman. I suggest if you think a request is unreasonable and you have satisfied all requirements, definitely approach your congress person to intervene.
  3. Cannot find this answer: Have just recently applied for Adjustment of Status. No NOA or other response yet. My wife and step-daughter have their current, valid passports from their home country (Colombia). Are there any restrictions or problems we'll run into for air travel within the U.S.? (Should have thought this through before buying the non-refundable air tickets for spring break trip!!!). Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Thanks for the fast replies. Not to beat this to death but, once the I-485 is submitted, there is nothing more for me to do until I receive a notice for the interview. I assume I will receive a I-727C notice that the I-485 application has been received and she is in the country legitimately until the interview and acceptance?
  5. Once the I-485 with I864 submitted, how is the petitioner or sponsor notified that the K-1 visa is extended? I've searched everywhere including my Nolo Press "Green Card" book but can't find the answer. I will overnight mail the I-485 etc. tomorrow for my wife who entered on a K-1, finance visa. This visa expires March 21 (less than 3 weeks). How is it extended? What am I missing? Thanks
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