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  1. I live in Texas. The first time I went to get a driver's licence (right after I arrived) they only issued it for 2 months which was when my i94 expired. After that I had to wait for the EAD in order to get the new one and the DL was going to expire when the EAD expired (they're usually issued for 1 year). I got my green card in November and went for a DL (I didn't have one based on my EAD because I wasn't in the country for the summer). They issued it for 6 years based on the green card (expires in 2026).
  2. I had AOS in the end of last year and did a medical here in the USA and also in Bulgaria. Basically the civil surgeon will ask for 3 vaccines (or more depending on her age and if it's considered flu season) and you need to provide proof that she has them otherwise she would have to get them regardless that she may have gotten them already. If there's no proof she has to retake them. If you have insurance you can call and ask what vaccines are needed and take her to Walgreens/CVS or other place and get them before the doctor's visit. Make sure to ask for a paper so you can show it to the doctor. Also, call multiple places for the medical check and compare the cost. I was quoted $300-$2000 by different providers for the same thing. Regarding the translation, check out the Bulgarian embassy's website, there's a list of translators. Reach out to a few, ask for rates and how much time it will take them to translate the docs. You can send everything via email.
  3. It was never a discussion for us. He paid for the petition, once I came to the US I transferred my savings to our joint bank account and paid the AOS. All future expenses will also be paid from our bank account. I haven’t worked at all since I got here because we had a baby. So it will be taken care for with the money he earned. But he doesn’t look at it as “his money”. It’s ours because we’re a family.
  4. I just got approved on the spot for the green card. They interviewing officer said that I didn't need the medical done in the US as I already had one done overseas and I was a fiancee.
  5. I went to my homecountry for 2.5 months and had no issued coming back. They checked the combo card and my passport. I had my marriage certificate with me just in case but it was not needed. Had to spend some time in the "immigration room" to get the stamp.
  6. Thanks for the input. I found a place that had a flat fee for the physical and blood work. They gave me a referral for the missing vaccines, which were covered by my insurance anyways. After I got what was needed they completed my medical on the spor. I was surprised how variable the price was. Some places asked for $2k whereas the place I visited charged $250 for everything.
  7. I will schedule a medical exam for my GC interview that’s coming soon and have insurance. Is it okay to use it to cover the cost of the medical? Somebody told me it’s illegal to do so and need to pay it myself (not to bill the insurance company) but that doesn’t make much sense to me if I am covered. Would appreciate any experience you share.
  8. I didn’t send the original but a translated copy of it. Anyways thanks for the input.
  9. We submitted tax transcripts and letter from the employer stating the start date and annual salary. If the K1 interview takes place after 01/01/2020 you should be good as you'll have tax docs by then. You don't have to submit anything when you file the petition, only the beneficiary needs to bring the documents and Affidavit of support to the interview. I had all needed but the CO only asked for the affidavit of support.
  10. Hello everyone, My GC interview was scheduled for November 19th. I filled AOS based on marriage after K1 and had my medical examination overseas. I am now collecting the documents that were listed on the letter, however some things are not clear and would need your help: 1. The letter says I need to bring my birth certificate. I already submitted a translated copy of it with the initial package. Do I need to have just the original document with me during the interview or I need to translate it again? 2. I never submitted i-693, instead sent them the DS-3025 with my vaccine records. I compared the information on it with the instructions here Immunizations. DS-3025 or I-693?, however I have some vaccines marked as code D (not routinely available). These are the MMR, Tdap and Varicella. Does that mean I need to see a civil surgeon here or I am good to go without I-693? I also had the flu shot before I came last year, do I need to get it again before the interview? 3. I registered our marriage in my homecountry and have the original marriage certificate with me along with our baby's birth certificate (he has dual citizenship). Do I need to have all of that translated as I will use it as supporting evidence? Can I translate it myself or it must be someone else who's certified to translate from bulgarian to english? Thanks in advance for your time and help!
  11. Hey guys, if I apply to renew my AP but I don't have it by the time I need to travel, can my husband bring it to me abroad? Will I have any issues coming back to the US if I have the renewed AP card but don't wait to receive it myself in the States?
  12. Hello everyone! I came to the US on K1 in November 2018 and got married in the following month. Prior to that I was working in my country. My husband and I filed for AOS, however received RIE asking for the 2018 tax documents. We haven't filed yet, but obviously we want to do it asap. I read several threads that were here and also the IRS website, however that made me very confused. We want to file joint. Can you recommend where should I start from if filing the taxes myself or a good CPA that's knowledgable about this? Obviously the latter is easier option for us. We already contacted CPA that gave us a wrong advise (that I don't have to declare my income when filing jointly because I have SSN). Thank you!
  13. Hi all. I sent my AOS package on 12/28 and it was delivered on 01/03. However, the money is still in the account, is that considered normal? I am starting to get worried, not sure who I can contact at that point.
  14. I will be adjusting from K1 visa and sent the AOS paperwork on Dec 28th. It got delivered on Jan the 3rd, however I haven't received notification email yet nor our check was processed (money still in the account). As it has been a week already since it got delivered, I am wondering how much time does it take to process the check so we know that we are in the queue? If this is outside of normal waiting times do you think it's due to the government shutdown? Thanks!
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