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  1. Mikepraise

    Eligibility letter

    No you don't have to. At least we didn't. Just go ahead and get your ds 160 done and medicals/police report. The thing is by the time we already made an appointment that was when they sent us the email saying they were ready. I mean you can wait for them to tell you they are ready if u are not in a haste.
  2. Mikepraise

    Physical case file not received

    So yeah actually got an email from saying they have received it after I called them. Thanks for all the responses
  3. Hello everyone. I sent an email to the Lagos consulate asking if they received my case from NVC but I was told they only have the electronic file not the physical file that they will kind of contact me when they get it. Meanwhile, I had gone ahead, based on the recommendation of the NVC status check, made an interview reservation for Sept 11th. I received email from the NVC on 24th July that they were done with my case now am kind of confused. What do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance
  4. Well I guess they are. I don't know if i should freak out just yet. Hey please have you paid the DS 260 fee? Do you think I can pay here in the US and send the receipt to my fiancee? Or she has to pay in Nigeria? Thanks again
  5. Awesome thanks for your help
  6. So sorry. I wonder it's all like that. Thanks for your response though. I guess I will wait another week to give them a call. I don't if can call them without having a case number yet.
  7. Hello everyone I just got my NOA2 on the 19th but I have been reading this thread and wondering what everyone is talking about. I need help to understand what is going on with all these terminologies am not familiar with. Am worried about the next steps because I really have July to get things set up for when I leave for annual training (army reserve) in August for one month and God knows what I can get done from there. I was wondering if anyone could highlight the steps involved in this NVC part and if I have to send any packages to my fiancee in Nigeria or maybe even book her medical. Thanks for kind advices.
  8. Hello everyone. This is my first post so please be nice. Thanks. Okay I am starting my I129F package and am very frustrated already. My fiancee is Nigerian and I was wondering if someone could tell me all the documents I will be needing from her from the onset so I don't cause delays for myself trying to get documents shipped back and forth. Thanks