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  1. Hi i posted in my country specific group but haven’t heard a response. Just wondering if you knew how long the Frankfurt embassey took to issue the visa from AP to approved once they have the necessary paperwork?
  2. Hi i was wondering if anyone knew how long the Frankfurt embassey takes to change the status of the visa from AP to approved/issued once they have all the necessary paperwork? Thanks in advance
  3. Rackle10187

    Frankfurt embassey interview

    Hi, does anyone know how long it takes the Frankfurt embassey to switch the status of the visa from admistrative processing to issued/approved after they have received the required paperwork they need? Thanks I’m advance
  4. Rackle10187

    Frankfurt embassey interview

    Thank you! I fly out tomorrow for his interview on Thursday, i am so nervous 😬
  5. Does anyone know if i the petitioner am allowed to attend my fiancé’s interview at the Frankfurt embassey for the K1 visa?
  6. Does anyone know for sure if i am allowed to attend the interview with my fiancé at the Frankfurt embassey?
  7. My fiancé has his interview scheduled for Thursday October 10th in Frankfurt! Prayers and best wishes to us please!
  8. Hi could you please tell me how you go about requesting an extension of the NOA2? I also am using the Frankfurt embassey
  9. Quick question! Did i hear correctly that the medica expires 6 weeks from the date it is completed? If not when does it expire? TIA
  10. Hi all! I have a question about the expiration on the NOA2! What does that exactly mean? Does the interview have to be scheduled before this date?
  11. My fiancé is a German resident so his medical will be in Hamburg!!
  12. Ok thank you!! That makes me feel a little better. Did they also tell you it would take 1-2 weeks for results?
  13. Hello everyone! I am writing this in hopes for people to be helpful and non judgmental...but anyways my fiancé is scheduled for his medical this Tuesday and while i was visiting last week we went to Amsterdam and had a little fun, forgetting the medical was around the corner. Anyways, my question is, do they drug test for marijuana at the medical interview?
  14. What is CFO? Does everyone need to take this class?
  15. Yes!