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  1. Happy to report that his EAD was approved the day of our green card interview - of course the USCIS app was down this weekend and there wouldn't be an update 😉 Hoping green card is to follow!
  2. Hi December filers! Still waiting on EAD, but blessed to have had an interview scheduled so soon. We had our interview today in Montgomery, Alabama. It seems to have gone well although we didn't get an outright approval nor denial. She was very nice and asked the general questions as well as throwing some trick questions in there. In the end she told us that everything looked like it was great, that we had an easy case and that she had to get a senior officer to look everything over in order to determine the end result and that we would know within 30 days. I can't say our hearts didn't drop - I don't know why we expected to walk out with a stamp/approval. We are hoping for the best news. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Yeah, they confirmed everything as we had previously asked them other questions. We had to have all of that information to schedule the doctors visits, etc. The scheduling place/CSRA is where we got the confirmation email with our interview date. Immigrant visa. It's just really confusing. We went ahead and went online to reschedule but considering everything is already booked online we are hoping they can fix everything Monday and we can have the actual date we already had. I'm trying to stay patient but it's getting really rough. When he rescheduled it online it did the same thing and didn't let us pay. I'm at a loss and I'm sure that only the Embassy can figure it out - go figure the CEAC would be down this weekend as well.
  4. That's the thing - we are under the immigrant visa section and the option was never given to us. We chose where we wanted to pick it up and the date. We've literally never had an option to pay... It essentially skipped right over it.
  5. Hi! We were never even given an option to even pay it. We were able to schedule it but we were never directed as to where to pay it. It also said online that anything unpaid would just be taken at the Embassy. We got a confirmation email about the appointment and the Embassy had previously confirmed it. We have our doctors appointments and everything set up. Everytime we asked about fees we were given a runaround. Did you pay your MRV fee via CSRA?
  6. It's just airfare to Rio, not the trip to America We thankfully know not to rush that. Thanks for the response.
  7. Hey all! I know that every case is different but I thought I would ask this anyway. Today my fiance received an email saying that our scheduled appointment was cancelled for our K1 interview at the US Embassy in Rio de Janeiro. The email said to go to the website that he scheduled it on for more information and rescheduling. We looked at the website and the appointment has disappeared in general. Anyone have any idea why that might have happened? We have clean backgrounds so I doubt it's anything to do with security. We also don't know if it's fee related or not - every time we try to pay fees online we are not able to. We got an invoice number from the NVC forever ago but we have never been able to pay it through the CEAC pay fees option. On the CEAC website it shows our case as last updated today. We already have his airfare and hotel booked for his flight to the Embassy in Rio so we are just trying to figure out what we can do. We emailed the Embassy but unfortunately it is Friday so all we can do is wait. It's all very vague. It's pretty rough figuring out what to do with literally no information about why it was cancelled as our interview is supposed to be on August 14th. Thank you for any guidance.
  8. Hey all! I haven't seen many Brazilian filers here so I thought I'd post a comment. I'd read through 120 pages but I'm afraid I'll have already been married 100 years. (I scoured before NOA2) Do we need to wait for packet 3 to be able to pay the visa fee for Brazil? We never received a welcome letter/email saying the NVC sent our stuff so I'm unsure at the moment of the process. Our status just changed to ready today so I assume that's why. We filled out DS-160 today and weren't able to pay the fee online which is why I ask. I called the NVC to get the invoice number. Thanks!
  9. Thank y'all so much! Today seems to have a wave of approvals so I hope everyone else sees something soon! It did update on the old website for me as well. November filers have had such a weird month.
  10. Approved today! NOA1: Nov 7 NOA 2: May 24 Didnt receive an email and haven’t checked old website. Yay!!! Ive been shaking from excitement all day
  11. Almost every case around me has an update (I'm second from the bottom of case received) so I'm really wondering what my status will change to I'm gonna get IP banned again soon enough
  12. I'll be bitter with you as a 7th. I'm sure no later than the end of May we will hear something.
  13. Best of luck to y'all! At least you will know exactly what to fix. Adjusting from that point can be pretty quick.
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