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  1. Just received welcome letter email from NVC with case number and invoice number. Regular case with NVC receipt date of February 24th.
  2. hey! I just got approved for an expedite. It's worth a shot. If you have the offer letter you should be fine. Just make sure when you call in you are very detailed with the Tier 1 officer so that all details are reviewed. Actually my I130 got approved. I did request an expedite tho last week.
  3. Mia&Famous

    USCIS Expedited request

    Hey Crincon, did they require a dr note? I am requesting an expedite for a medical reason as well and was wondering if I should get the dr note ready from now.
  4. Mia&Famous

    Expedite request approved or not ?

    hey did you figure this out? how did it go?
  5. That's good news. Did you email them or did you mail it in? And is the doctor letter required? I'm experiencing some health issues being overseas and need to move back but want my husband to come. So I'm going to request to be expedited. I think I will get the approved if I have doctor evidence to support my claim. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. So sorry to hear! But in a way its lucky to be able to be with your husband when you have the baby. Hope everything works out and you get the care for the babyy
  7. Congrats! So depressing being in NSC....but its party time
  8. Hey. If you don't mind sharing, what are some of the reasons that you can expedited processing?