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  1. I did my interview on December 21 and got approved. Thank you Jesus!
  2. Good day everyone. My visa was Issued today, thank god. My question is do I have to wait until I reach the USA to apply for SSN ?
  3. Thank you all for the kind words and advice...
  4. On the medical form a section is there to fill out if you are pregnant. But I will be sure to let them know.
  5. Thanks you so much. I can’t wait for everything to be over.
  6. Thank you. I don’t even know why I’m worried. It must be nervousness.
  7. Thank you so much for replying. I haven’t done the medical as yet. Ok. Thank you.
  8. Good evening everyone. My interview is coming up soon and I’m four months pregnant. As anyone been to interview while pregnant? I’m a little worried. Thank you.
  9. Keo23

    US citizen petitioner present at interview

    I was planning on taking my husband with me to the interview because I’m pregnant. I feel so nauseous and light headed sometimes, so I wanted him to be there but now I’m scared to take him with me base on @Ywjammin30 comment.
  10. Thank you so much. I’m praying nothing will go wrong.
  11. Good day everyone. My medical is coming up soon and I’m pregnant, do they still allow pregnant women to do the chest X-ray. I’m a bit worried, also my current passport only have four months validation left in it so I’m renewing my passport with my husband last name. Do you think it will cause any problems? Thanks for your kind replies.