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  1. Look at my timeline for details. Click my name and time line. thanks
  2. I dont want to get your hopes up. It changes all the time. Ours was quick. I think 1-2 days and we were good.
  3. You can submit as soon as they are open. I did it all at the same day. If you have any mistakes theyll tell you pretty much the next day.
  4. ok, whats the idea behind sponsorship? so parents fill our b2. what would he have to fill out or do if he wanted to work here. or what do i fill out?
  5. Hello all, My wife is a green hard holder, I am a US citizen. We want to know the best way for her parents or siblings to enter the country for travelling purposes. Now I heard of couple things. Sponsorship was one idea. Her brother in law wouldn't mind coming here for work if he had the oppurtunity. Any how, if you had experience or know the best way to make this possible please comment below. Also, please let me know which form or forms it would start with. Thank you so much in advance.
  6. So, my wife is in Turkey. We got our NOA 2 about 2 months ago. NVC received it early February. I was told this was a pivot case since everything is being done online and what not. Someone also mentioned to start gathering the documents. 1. Can someone fully explain what a PIVOT case is? 2. What documents should I start gathering? -thank you...
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