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  1. We do plan on bringing the documents. Who can be the translator? Also any suggestions on where to get one? Its only because we are not 100%z she can speak ok and understand to an extend (listening) but, i would not say she is fluent.
  2. Alright thanks for the heads up. 2 things. 1. Are we in the same room or different rooms? We do have a child together we plan on bringing our kid. 2. I also have another friend who didnt receive rfe and still being interviewed. I think its happening more often now because conditional visas for young people are normal. They want more proof after the two year
  3. No rfe ever during process. Just couldn’t explain this correctly from the beginning. I still don’t fully understand the whole thing. anyway...... yes i-751 for removing conditions. We got called for an interview. My real question is what to expect from the interview and what kind of questions they ask? Also whether or not to get an interpreter? because I will be present she can speak and understand to an extend but by no means is she fully fluent.
  4. Well, I (the spouse) can speak fluent English. is the interview in the same room? My wife’s English isn’t that great. Just wondering how they interview so we know in advance. The child will attend as well
  5. I-751 process complete. We got an interview date for green card.
  6. Hello, Couple questions. We finally got our interview date! Excited after almost 1 full year. i’ve seen some general questions that they ask... but, does the spouse go into the interview with petitioner? Can we bring our child in? Also, is an interpreter really needed? thank you,
  7. So interview before biometrics? I don’t understand. Do I contact to find out or can i check processing time for local office somewhere?
  8. so weird. MSC has no processing times. But, we got our notice 6/30 for i-751. We still have not received the biometrics. I am not sure what is happening but i also saw similiar timelines have not received theirs. Can anyone assist? 1 i didn't know outside of the usual center's MSC took on these cases or is it a new center? 2. its been a while not sure if this is normal
  9. Has anyone gotten their biometric appointment yet? We have not. I heard it doesnt take that long so i was wondering what to do next - just posted and realized no one else has gotten theirs either Notice date 6/30
  10. Question is. We applied for my wife’s removal of conditions. We got our notice about 6 months ago about receiving the info. But, we have not gotten a biometric appointment yet. Is this normal? What is the next step?
  11. I have not travelled yet. Because of covid we will wait till next year. With timeline being one year i think we will just wait for the card to come in
  12. Hello, has anyone traveled after Removal of conditions? Do they extend the visa? If anyone has any information could you please provide? thank you
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