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  1. We're APPROVED!!! Yes, thanks to the almighty Jehovah and of course all the awesome people here on VisaJourney! This forum has definitely kept me sane through this stressful season. I would have been lost without it!! Wishing everyone else a successful journey!
  2. About 3 months after I was documentarily qualified by NVC.
  3. We got an interview date for March!! I'm so excited and nervous!!!
  4. They're usually pretty good with sending emails regarding any updates, if they have your email address. But, you can call them as well if you like: 603-334-0700
  5. Tevaugh1998 - You can go to the website ceac.state.gov/IV . You'll need both your case and invoice number. Your case status should be on the site. Also, NVC will send you an email with any updates if they have your email address. My case isn't updated as complete online, however, we received an email from NVC stating that they have received everything needed prior to attending the interview and that they will work with the embassy to schedule an interview date and will let us know once a date is confirmed.
  6. Hi guys, Just looking for some clarity. My case is at NVC and all documents have been accepted and marked as "accepted" on the ceac website. I've received notification that NVC is waiting to schedule the interview. So, my question is at what point will NVC update my case status to complete? Is it considered complete once an interview date is scheduled and then my case is forwarded to the embassy? Basically, a confirmed interview date equals a completed case at NVC stage?? Thanks in advance!
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