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  1. Hello. I just got a notification in my email. I'm still here. I'm just about to go to bed so I'll fill you guys in on what's happened and what's going on Thank you for thinking of me. That's really lovely and brought some well needed smiles. πŸ’œ
  2. I've read through this. I'm not sure if qualify at all. 😞 Ever wish you could know the future to spare yourself heartache, and a $h!t tonne of money?! πŸ˜’πŸ™„
  3. I honestly don't know is what to do. It's broken me, for sure. I never saw it coming. I don't know why he wouldn't/won't file for the AOS. Surely extra money coming in would help situations? It's been eye opening and heart breaking. As for help, I have nowhere to go back in the UK and I exhausted my help options getting here. (He never helped me. Had the excuse of saving money here to get an apt.. There was no money. He spent the last of my £ I had.) I'm going to try and sit down with him at the weekend and see if he'll talk, like an adult, about it and what the hell is going on. I'm really anxious though. Who would have thought this, eh? If I would have known this was going g to happen, I could have saved myself a whole lot of money, saved myself from stress, and a possible ban from the USA. 😞
  4. Congratulations, @KBA!!! This is awesome news!!! All you lucky people with your great news and such. It's lovely to read. πŸ’œ It's been really tough and $h!t for me, if I'm honest. Had a great couple of months and then he's turned into some kind of control freak who is hell bent on blaming everything on me. I live with him in a basement, (I've been sick for almost 2 months because of the conditions, poor food quality,) he won't file for the AOS because he hasn't done his taxes and other reasons he won't say, and he's spent all the money his mother gave us in July to file for the AOS. Keeps telling me that he spent it on me but none of it adds up. 😞 He's tried setting me up for under the table jobs he knows I can't do and then I'm labelled a bad person for not taking them. So, I'm pretty sure I'm illegal now and I'm really nervous about it. I'm also not sure what to do and if this is even the right thread for this. I'm a mess. I really didn't expect any of this and I'm really scared about what to do or what I can do. I sure as hell can't afford to eat, let alone pack all my stuff and my cat to go back. I gave up everything for him. Home, job, family, friends... I'm really scared, guys. I cry every day because I don't know what to do. 😭
  5. One more question and I think I got this, is the USCIS Online Account Number the WAC number we were issued? Thank you so much again.
  6. You guys are saviours. Thank you. I don't suppose you know what it means by Travel Documentation Number for Part 1, 16 at all, please? I'm not sure what I should be reading or getting the number from. 😭
  7. OH MY LAWD. Okay, this is more difficult than I anticipated. Is there a thread with all this on? I have no clue about the I-94, there is a K1 passport stamp with Jul 29 2018 on it πŸ€” The USCIS account number? Nonimmigrant visa numbers, US embassy abroad... Yep... My tiny brain is crying right now. Can't ask him. He's useless. I did all the i129f and all the K1 stuff πŸ˜‚
  8. This is great, thank you. Yeah, luckily, there is always someone home here so I have people to talk to, their kids are on summer vacation so they are always making noise or asking questions... never a dull moment here. I wait for him to go home and escape the madness by going for a drive every night. Mainly for PokΓ©mon Go (yeah, we are a couple of nerds) and the occasional Costco hotdog πŸ˜† I did win tickets to see the critics showing of Ant-Man and The Wasp, found a beautiful park nearby... I'm quite good at this free/cheap stuff lark. Thank you again. I'm going to start on these forms. Would be nice to have a bigger income so we can get our own apartment and have our friends over. Even meet some new people. I just don't know what job to go for now. I've worked in retail since I was 15. Being 33 this year, I really don't want to be in that or the service industry anymore. I wanted to maybe get into news/photography... But I'm so worried now after what happened here in Annapolis. Baltimore getting the roughest city in the USA award for the second year in a row! πŸ˜’ Sorry... I'm rambling. Haha HOW ARE YOU GUYS GETTING ON? Had the inevitable married life toilet seat argument yet? πŸ˜†
  9. You're the best! THANK YOU. Is there a list anywhere of fees? What these abbreviations mean (EAD)? Is the work permit in with the AoS? We are pretty tight for money and doing all we can to get this all done but not leaving ourselves going without food and rent. Oh god. I can't take all this stress again. My face is already breaking out with stress/dry patches. And it's all the bloody USCIS again... We all know how marvellous they are! πŸ˜‘ I literally don't have anything yet apart from being a name on his cellphone bill. 😳 and the marriage certificate. We are currently living in his cousin's basement to try and save money for all of this. 😭 (He's an idiot and didn't save as much as he should have for the process. πŸ˜‘) I feel bloody useless not being able to do anything. They have a rather nice pool here, so I'm making the most of that for now.
  10. Howdy doody. So, we finally got the $ for my AoS. What a struggle this has all been so far. πŸ˜‘β˜ΉοΈ Can anyone give me a direction of fees and forms, please? I have NO idea what I'm doing now 😳
  11. Just dropping in to see how everyone is doing. What's the gossip? @KBA have you got anything yet? 🀞
  12. Yeah, the letter from the employer is a lot more solid than a bank. Probably easier to obtain than a bank. It will need to state her salary, how long she has been there, and it wouldn't hurt to have her position stated. I would be careful though. They specifically asked me for the W2s during my interview.
  13. I am a Brit and I'm trying to help you... Like I said previously, I had to reschedule my interview to wait for the paperwork. He sent it all international priority. Took 3 days to get from him (MD) to me (LON). I took everything. They took the W2s and his pay stubs as the evidence. The guy at the first window just took the AoS form and that was it. When it came to the actual interview, the lady said, "everything is fine although we cannot do anything without the evidence" I said, "I have everything. What do you need? The other chap didn't ask for anything other than the letter" That's when they asked me for the W2s and the pay stubs...
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