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  1. I do. It's obviously something that isn't clear to everyone since it keeps coming up on the forum. Given it's something that does come up so much here it doesn't really show up on any "what not to do" or "common mistake" lists or as warnings on any guides. It's just something you find if you are specifically looking for it or happen to stumble upon it in a post, usually a bit too late. Seems like it might be something useful to mention on the website somewhere in the guides rather than scattered about this forum in various posts.
  2. mcfarljw

    I-751 CSC Processing Time

    I'm fairly certain this website is being maintained and updated manually by a child somewhere between the ages of 3 and 5 who is just learning about the basics of time and computer input.
  3. I also initially started reading this website about half a year into process, saw one post about this "too married" thing and then as I searched for it started panicking cause I saw quite a few posts from rather outspoken users about it. The short answer is it can drastically vary based on country country, religion and type of ceremony. My fiancé and I had an all out Chinese-style wedding ceremony with hundreds of guests (including a number from my family), a white dress and even banners in the background that said wedding in Chinese. I was really worried, but we talked to a few people and they said it wasn't an issue in China. We decided to be transparent about it in the interview and my fiancé even took a page of pictures from the wedding ceremony. She said they looked at them and asked if we had officially registered as married with the local office. She told them no it was unregistered and just a gesture for her family since they would be unable to attend the in the USA. It wasn't an issue and it wasn't questioned further. You might want to check with the embassy, but I have found that they usually state it on the government website for the particular country in questions. For example if you read through the requirements in the Philippines is states that a Catholic religious ceremony may be performed even without a civil ceremony and the marriage will still be considered legal. https://ee.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/marriage/ https://ph.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/getting-married/ I agree that if you have the luxury of getting married soon then the CR-1 is probably the easier option, but if you're not able to officially get married for another half a year or so to even file for the visa then you could be looking at up to 2 years in total making the K-1 more appealing just to get things rolling.
  4. mcfarljw

    K1 interview help

    Have either of you mailed any gifts to each other? If so, you could include any receipts from any part of that process as well as a photo of the received gift.
  5. No, the rules of the K1 fiance visa dictate that you can't be married (or rather be free to marry). Your case would be denied as ineligible for the visa applied for and you'd have to start again with the marriage visa anyways.
  6. I'm not 100% certain, but I think cases can be updated (the timestamp in the system gets updated) without the status actually having changed.
  7. I think your fiancé should leave the dependents section blank unless he/she has minor children. You are filing for a K1 visa which means you're not married and you wouldn't be included on his/her filed tax returns as a dependent yet.
  8. Mailing stuff back today and going to include; recent bank statements, recent pay stubs, updated employment letter to specific state I have employment when returning, drivers license, 1099 misc for 2017 and a letter from a parent. They all use the my primary intended address. Hopefully it'll be what they are looking for!
  9. I think the most important are: clear pictures of you two together in various locations at different points in time (some with friends or family), boarding passes and passport stamps that match those boarding passes. You could include letters from friends and family attesting to your relationship, but they are easily forged and won't hold too much weight when reviewed. If you do decide to include them be sure to include the persons name, date of birth, hometown and phone number.
  10. My fiancé had her interview today and got a green paper saying her immigrant visa application has been preliminarily approved pending her submission of the documents listed below. It then has see attached checked and proof of domicile written next to it. After looking at the attached document it lists; job offer letter, bank statements, housing lease agreement, employment letter, vehicle registration and drivers license as examples of established proof. I am employed in the USA, but have the flexibility to work from my computer. I gave up the lease on my apartment about a year ago and moved to China so that I could be with my fiancé during the wait. I also switched all of my mailing addresses over to my parents house while overseas. I've been using that address since the end of 2016. In my affidavit of support I included my tax returns, employment letter and 5 most recent pay stubs all with addresses that match all of my other documents. Did they just not look closely enough or do people usually provide more than this? I plan on having my fiancé resend the tax returns, employment letter and pay stubs. I will also include my drivers license and recent bank statements that have the same address as well. Is that enough or am I just overlooking something?
  11. mcfarljw

    Is a lawyer really necessary? K1

    No, it's not necessary and as other have mentioned they really can only advise while helping you fill out your documents. That being said we did use lawyer and don't regret it. We specifically chose someone who was able to explain things to my fiancé in her native language and make sure we had prepared everything as it pertains to China. Could we have done it on our own? Yes. Was it comforting to have someone advising us? Yes.
  12. We just had our interview today and were approved pending the petitioner (me) sends in proof of domicile. I work from my computer and have been out of the country living with my fiancé for the majority of the past year and have been using my parents address rather than continuing to pay for an apartment. It didn't really come up on any other the interview documentation checklists so I didn't think twice about it. It seems like I just need to fulfill that requirement, then have my fiancé mail that and her passport back to the embassy to get the visa processed.
  13. I think it depends on what you can financially afford to risk. If you visit the official government website it says the following at the top of the page: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/interview/after-the-interview.html
  14. I also didn't have physical copies of my boarding passes when submitting my initial petition. I think the etickets with passport stamps that match those dates would prove it.
  15. mcfarljw

    K1 Visa delivery

    The short answer is, yes. It's a gamble with no guarantees. The website for the UK Embassy says 7-10 working days for your application to be processed. You must also keep in mind this says working days. https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee-2/processing-and-return-of-passport/