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  1. The waiver is a simple piece of paper you write asking for a waiver, no big deal. The USCIS may remove it at any time as well, when I did my 2nd K1 it wasn't part of the USCIS requirement. I would also look into doing CR1 if the processing times are running same time length. I have done 3 K1's in Philippines and here are my approval times for the K1's 1st - 28 days 2nd - 300 days 3rd - 24 days CO at Interview in Manila never mentioned anything about my prior K1's.
  2. Good Move Your a bucking the Philippines Mentality of "Falling In Line"
  3. I am for tough discipline, at her age of 12 she needs tough love. Whether it be having her kneel on salt, or corporal punishment with belts or switches when she acts up. I have known many parents from Philippines who have raised their kids in the USA and for the most part they were able to raise them with the Filipino culture still embedded in them. Hank make a good point about removing the phone, and I am sure her friend are influencing her as well.
  4. Exactly This was launched by the democrats and the RINO Republicans who couldn't handle Trump becoming President, and now one of their own is in trouble.
  5. I never make any bookings in the Philippines, I just show up and look at the hotel and go look at others before I book it if I am going to place I know nothing about. If I have been there and like the place then I may reserve a room when I return. What is your impression of CDO? I have mixed feeling, I have been there 2 times and last time was about 6 years ago.
  6. The Philippine is very racist country, you must be a citizen to get a professional license. Unlike the USA, A citizens of Philippines who has a BSN in Nursing can come to the USA and apply for NCLEX and become a RN. Philippines only allows citizens of Philippines to sit for the nursing board exam in Philippines to be a RN in Philippines. I am sure this is true in most other professions
  7. IF they are handing out money for being a black slave, then sign me up
  8. File I-129 when you want, it may be many months before you need a I-134 for the interview.
  9. Unless things have changed, you will never get anything from NVC. Once you have NOA2 you can schedule Interview and do medical.
  10. I can predict it, After 4 denials, I can predict a 5th denial based on past history
  11. Some Heros Don't Wear Capes...…...
  12. Now you understand the Philippines Mentality Repeat after me: It's More Fun In The Philippines Rinse and Repeat
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