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  1. When that 24 month extension expires in October, you need an I-551 stamp in your passport. 30 days before your expiration date (or more?) you need to try to make an appointment with your field office (or service center) for that stamp, which is valid for 6 months to a year, basically replacing your green card and extensions for the time being. however, you won’t lose your job. You are in your employers system and only need to show GC status when you change jobs. For this, the stamp and extension letters etc should suffice. depending on your field office, times for ROC are currently 22-36 months wait. I hollered for my congressperson and they sorted the chaos on my behalf.
  2. Finally holding my card in my hand. Bliss. Came straight to my mailbox.. less than a week after my interview.. All in all, this took 22 months. So glad this is finally over..
  3. Yes, I am in the process of receiving it-it’s arriving tomorrow, according to the tracker..I involved my congressperson though.
  4. Just came back from our interview. As per hand delivered notice at interview, my case was approved. The interview took about 45 minutes. The office was the USCIS field office in Atlanta. We entered 15 minutes before appointment time, apparently the officer already asked for us. We were in the waiting area, while I was in the restroom, he asked us in.. The officer was an older officer, stern, professional. He had my petition in front of him, but I was not able to see a physical A-file (or what I think it should look like). We swore our oath, I handed over our drivers license, my green card, our passports. Then be went through our petition, asking questions, repeating many questions during the interview: address, what car we have , who is on the lease, do we rent or own, our bank accounts, he wanted to see our bank cards, credit cards. How we met, when we met, when in person, when my husband came to Germany, how often he was married, if he ever petitioned before, my hourly wage, his hourly wage/yearly income. His occupation, my initial occupation, my current occupation, criminal background, ever? Communist party (might have been asked jokingly). Then he asked if I have new evidence and I pulled out the new packet, which was, believe it or not, thicker than the initial one. Bank statements with transactions, savings account (forgot savings account when filing initially),new tax records 20 and 21, new leases for apartment, car lease, loan pre-approval paperwork for a house we did not buy in the end, beneficiary form, more photos with his family (especially grandkids, ex-wife, daughters). In between he switched to chatting about Heidelberg and going to Europe, and that I can apply for citizenship, but don’t have to, what kind of scientist I was, then he went back to asking same questions, I guess to see if the answers are still the same or similar. He clearly had the NVC form in front of him-asked me where I lived in Germany. Verified some other questions from that form. He also wanted to know everything about my previous J1’s. He told me then that he approves my 10 year card, again, I can file for citizenship, but don’t have to, gave me his office number, in case I have not received my card within one month. I made sure that he notes my apartment number, as this was the initial issue and my reason for getting my congressperson involved. Extremely thorough IO! Very nice, though, stern, firing questions at us. Glad this is over, but I will party for sure, if I have this card in my hand, physically. He congratulated me on my meticulous documentation and noted that I am obviously the one who takes care of that.. lol!
  5. I started working with my congressperson in February 2021, after I had biometrics notices sent back to USCIS due to an address error, and I got a lot of conflicting information from different tier 2’s. A second biometrics appointment after the first to which I went etc.. the liaison simply works with congressional staff and the office in my district just kept inquiring. I think that helped keeping my case “touched”. Atlanta is severely backed up and it helped get me squeezed in before being out of processing time, I guess. The interview appointment was made by the field office, not the congressperson. They just have a good connection/ rapport with the liaison. I’m also want to say that the liaison is incredibly decent. So, I am grateful. 🙂
  6. Got my interview notice today via my congressperson in my inbox. Interview date is May 16. No update or anything online. First name spelled wrong, apartment number missing on address.. Alas!
  7. I didn’t do AOS.. CR1. Therefore we will need an interview, as long as they hold this policy up. atlanta is unfortunately one of the busiest office.. i actually would’ve had my bio in December last year, however, they weirdly had an issue putting our apt number on the letter. So I had to ask the representative to step in because nobody would ever know anything about my case.. alas! I hoped we would be lucky and get diverted to Alabama..sigh
  8. I got my 24 month extension today as well.. biometrics taken 3/15 or so… since then I’m waiting as well..
  9. Nope, asking myself the same thing. From the announcement it sounded that those with status still pending, would receive one-automatically (me thinks). However, not sure how to request one. All service requests I ever sent yielded zero answer.
  10. Will do! I think for me it was important to involve the congressperson to have the answers they get on file. MSC has an issue with my address-so important appointment notices don’t get delivered. I hope that is now amended with the help of the office. I can call 400 times and it still happens. However, the office keeps me updated, because they inquire interview scheduling status and address on file regularly. They monitor my case without me having to inquire constantly. I may just have a really involved congressperson.
  11. Usually, you go to the congressman’s web page and navigate to the congressional help site, where they have something like “help with agencies” and among those will be USCIS. Click there and you will find a form that you have to sign FIRST before they even call back. You need to enable your congressperson to inquire on your behalf, therefore you sign this form and send it to them via email. Asking for help is best done via email. For this prepare a document like a letter, address it to : The Honorable [ Name] House of Representatives [address] etc… Your Name address email/phone Date Regarding form I751, Removal of Conditions, interview scheduling, USCIS application processing (whatever fits best to your problem) Dear Honorable [name], i am writing to you with the hope that you may be able to assist me with my case [case no at MSC] with USCIS. [Then follows a description of your issues, timeline, questions you may have.] end letter with: [attached are the following items: confidentiality release form [the form that enables the congressperson to inquire on your behalf] evidence (whatever your question is, when you called uscis, Emma chat screen shots, if available, whatever you think is needed.] I would be very happy if you could consider my request for help and inquire on my behalf regarding the progress of my application Sincerely, [name printed Signature] ———————————- prepare this as a pdf, Print it out, sign it (or use signature (handwriting) as image on the form if you have it) don’t forget all the evidence if needed, DON‘T FORGET THE RELEASE FORM ! This is your help request package to send via email to the Congressperson. attach all this to an email that says: Dear Honorable [name], my name is…. And I am writing to as for your help with …. Regarding my I751 application with USCIS. Please find attached the release form (look at the name of the form and use that name), case description and evidence. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have., Sincerely, name attachments. This will hopefully get you an answer/ email back. It may take a while, because they are overwhelmed with inquiries. However, you need to make sure to write in the official form and to attach the release form. If they get „casual“requests, they usually don’t answer. Which district are you, if I may ask?
  12. Hi there.. yes, I am waiting for Atlanta. I have no advice, sadly. I filed in June/July 2020 and it already was a journey with USCIS biometrics. I had to involve my congressman. I am waiting in line for interview now since April 7. When I was getting the bio done at the ASC, the lady at the intake told me to not forget to get a stamp, because it will likely take up to 2 years for an interview slot. your hope is that you are nearly there! can you ask your congressman to inquire? They are extremely helpful.
  13. Normally, you call for Infopass appt 30 days before NOA expires. During Covid that was 10 days. They should be back to their regular 30 days. However, infopass scheduling seems to be still complicated and you have to demonstrate valid reason for needing the appointment ( job/drivers license/ travel). You can read that information in the report of the USCIS ombudsman I have posted earlier, pages 24-40, very worth the read.
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