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    I met Marianne in 2012 while she was a foreign exchange student at my high school in Michigan. We were 16 years old when we first started our relationship. We have visited each other about 16 times total in both Denmark and USA. We were married December 22, 2018 in Michigan and we are now hoping to start our lives together in USA!

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  1. We’re done! My wife’s visa was issued on February 5 according to CEAC. She received it in the mail today, only 4 business days later. I’m flying to her this coming Friday and she’ll be flying home with me Sunday the 17th. POE will be Detroit Airport.
  2. Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting. When are you going to be coming back to the States? My wife is still waiting for her visa to come in the mail. We have flights booked for me to fly to Denmark on the 15th and we'll fly back to the US together on the 17th. Luckily the flights can be changed for a small fee if she doesn't receive her visa in the mail in time for me to fly to Copenhagen.
  3. THE VISA HAS BEEN ISSUED!!!!!!! We're done!!!!!
  4. No problem. And yeah, a lot of young people especially don't have their license. Oh, and just a tip for when you get further into the process (around the time of submitting your documents to the NVC and your interview), make sure you get your birth certificate from the Danish church in person (not online) and make sure there is an official signature on it. The one they issue online is not good enough because it doesn't have a signature. My wife got pinged on this during her interview last week and had to re-submit a new birth certificate with a signature. I don't want the same thing to happen to you!
  5. My wife took the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm and back and had no problems. They kept her passport and she kept her Danish drivers license on her. This was just last week.
  6. Brittany95

    Is My Evidence Enough?

    Receipts from the wedding seem irrelevant. We were married two months before applying for CR1 and they never requested anything like that from us. I would just maybe add a photo from your wedding if you have any and that's usually good enough.
  7. An update on our application: - Wife had interview Tuesday, January 29, 2019. They conditionally approved our application. The one condition they gave us was a revised version of her birth certificate. They asked her to upload the correct birth certificate to the CEAC and mail the original to the Embassy in Stockholm - Wife mailed the birth certificate and scanned it to CEAC on Friday, February 1. - This morning we received an email from a consular officer notifying us that they got the scan of the correct birth certificate and reminded us to mail the original to them. I responded and told them the document was mailed on Feb 1 and they should receive it any day now. - An actual person responded to my email at the Embassy (amazing!) and said thank you for letting us know. - Our visa status was updated again today. It still says administrative processing, but they must have put in the file that they got the scanned document. Hopefully they get it in the mail in the next few days and issue her visa right away! Fingers crossed It seems like the Embassy runs much smoother and faster than USCIS and NVC.
  8. This happened to me as well. I don't know why it happens, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't mean anything. Once they review and accept all your submitted documents on the CEAC, you'll get an email stating that you are documentarily qualified (case complete) and you'll now wait to get your interview date. They requested additional documents from me too, and it took them about 2 weeks to review it, unfortunately. Hopefully they review them faster for you!
  9. Yeah, I guess I worded that improperly. Basically, they said once they approve that document that will be mailed to them, we'll be fully approved and they'll issue the visa.
  10. Hi everyone, My wife (from Denmark) had her immigration interview on Tuesday, January 29 in Stockholm, Sweden. They told her that our application is great, however, before they can issue the visa, they need her to re-submit a new birth certificate. She is getting that document tomorrow and she will overnight mail it to the embassy in Stockholm, so they should have it on Monday of next week. How long does it take them to approve documents that have been mailed to them? They said once they receive and approve the document, they will be able to issue the visa and mail her passport back to her. I am getting very impatient and do not have a lot of faith that they will look at the document and approve it right away, just based on how long the entire process takes already. Does anyone have any idea on how long we could be looking at to get her visa issued? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi everyone! I have a question, if anyone knows the answer. My wife's interview was earlier this week and they conditionally approved her visa. They asked for another document which she is getting tomorrow and she will overnight mail that to the embassy, so they should receive it on Monday. Does anyone know how quickly they review items required for fully approving the petition and issuing the visa? I am worried they could take weeks to actually look at it even though they'll receive it on Monday, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know?
  12. My wife just finished her interview in Stockholm. She is conditionally approved because the birth certificate she provided was not good enough, even though she got it directly from the Danish government. Apparently it needs to have a signature on it. She isn’t sure at this point how to even get that, but she is working on it. Admittedly it is a bit disappointing to not get full approval right away when we were so prepared. I am hoping she can get a signed birth certificate by the end of this week to mail to the embassy. I am also hoping they don’t take too long to process the document after receiving it in the mail.
  13. My wife's interview is in 2 weeks! Does anyone else feel like time passes more slowly than it ever has while waiting for the interview date? So excited...
  14. My wife had her medical this morning in Copenhagen and it went really well. Next is just the interview in Stockholm on the 29th. I think we are booking our flights today. I will be flying to her February 15 and we'll leave Copenhagen for Detroit on February 17 (cancellation insurance included just in case anything happens!). Then it will all be over, finally!