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  1. Hi may I know which site you used to check your status? Just wanna make sure I'm also on the right track😁😁.thanks
  2. I applied ssn a month after arrival. Got mine for less than a month. Did mine before getting married.
  3. Sent our AOS packet January 21,received on 1/23/2020 noticed date 1/29/2020 for I-765,I-485,&I131. Now waiting....
  4. I haven't been able to update my timeline was kinda busy for wedding and preparing our papers. We sent ours last Tuesday January 21. Tracked it and was delivered on a Friday. We are patiently waiting. Good luck to AOS January filers.
  5. Currently gathering out papers. Hopefully we can sent it next week. Good luck to us 😊
  6. Hank Good day. Received my visa packet with a torn part on the bottom. Thinking of sending it back to the embassy to be reseal. Do you think thats okay or it need to be reseal? 



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    2. Hank_


      Embassy is usually very quick to repackage and return



      Do you have CFO completed?

    3. Doll729


      I'm done with my cfo but no sticker yet.

    4. Hank_


      Excellent.    :thumbs:  

  7. Can I bring someone with me on the cfo seminar? Is it allowed?
  8. You can do your medical anytime now before your interview. Better to do it few weeks before your interview so if there is any issue you can reschedule your interview. Go to the hospitals website you can see the requirements and so you can register. It is a registration online and you need to print it, then it depends on you when are you going todo your medical you can choose the day. I recommend middle or the week and be there early so you can finish early. Good luck!!
  9. Been away for awhile. Did my medical last week August 22 and 23 and thank GOD it went well. The plan is doing everything in a week but I am kind of stress thinking about how my medical would go. And I'm glad I did it first. I'm just waiting for my interview next month. Was really worried after my first day because I was x-ray twice. Chest and back. I recommend you should be early.
  10. thanks. Base on what I've read they will not look for it but just wanted to make sure.
  11. Someone from Facebook group shared there timeline yesterday. It took her 4 months and 18 days.
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