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  1. In my hard copy approval letter it states they have sent my petition to NVC. Is this standard and I have to wait for them to actually send it, or did they really send it already? I called USCIS but they just said to inquire with NVC. I guess my next step is to call NVC but I feel it is too early as our approval was just on the 4th. My status on both USCIS sites is still case received so no help there. How long should I wait before inquiring with NVC? I plan on expediting at NVC due to health issues that my wife can help with. I have a signed letter from the doctor asking as much. I have an upcoming trip to the Philippines last week of January and I would like to be present at the interview. My understanding is that this can be done as soon as the NVC receives the case, no need to wait for case number. Anyone have experience expediting at NVC for Manila Embassy?
  2. I spoke with someone. The automated system still just said case received.
  3. Try Google Schalcon. I called Eddyrhn. Sites haven't updated yet. They said they mailed the approval on the 4th. Try Google Schalcon. I called Eddyrhn. Sites haven't updated yet. They said they mailed the approval on the 4th.
  4. Just email your Congressman. Don't over think it.
  6. Zeeshan916, both responses indicated that our petition is being actively reviewed and USCIS is processing the case. The response from the 22nd further states Your case is currently with an adjudicating officer. If that is the case seems like we should have received a notice of action by now though....I don't understand why an officer would need to spend more than three weeks looking at my case. I gave lots and lots of evidence.
  7. Zeeshan916 I am still waiting too. NOA1 April 6th old site. TSC. 242 days now. Two days until we are outside of normal processing times. Both my inquiry and my Congressman's inquiry got the same response: Action within 60 days. May be waiting until sometime in Mid January. This is ridiculous.
  8. Called USCIS on Monday night and the guy I spoke to was rude and said it would be at least 1.5 more months before my petition is adjudicated. Texas Service Center, NOA1 April 6th old site, April 10th new site. 200 days waiting so far. I really hope the tier 2 officer I spoke to was incorrect. I will call back on Friday. Contacting my Congressman's office to inquire today. This wait is killing me and it is even worse for my wife in the Philippines. Any one else at Texas Service Center with late March/Early April NOA1 still waiting on NOA2?
  9. I called USCIS the other day and they told me that case was assigned to an officer now. Anyone know approximately how much longer I will have to wait for my NOA2 now? They didn't give me any other information other than that I am still within normal processing times. CR1 Texas Service Center NOA1 April 6th old site April 10th new site.
  10. Hi there. April filer here I-130/CR-1. April 6th NOA1. Texas Service Center. Anyone approved yet? I have been waiting 183 days now so hopefully I will be approved anytime. I am the petitioner. Canadian/American citizen. My wife is from the Philippines.
  11. I have the following criminal history: Protection order violation 12/03/10 Protection Order Violation 12/02/10 Criminal Trespass 1st Degree 04/10/03 DV Assault 4TH 11/30/02 Driving with License Suspended 3RD Degree 01/09/02 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 01/09/02 Minor in Poss and or Consumption 06/26/00 Eluding a Police Vehicle 5/10/05 Assault 4th Degree 11/05/03 Harassment 12/09/02 Obstruct Law Enforcement Official 12/09/02 Assault 4th Degree 1/12/02 Indecent Exposure 07/23/2016 Dismissed - My pants fell down at a drive through coffee stand due to a broken collar bone Assault 4th Degree 07/19/2010 Dismissed Assault 4th Degree 04/16/2010 Dismissed DV Assault 4th Degree 10/20/2002 Dismissed Possession of Marijuana 01/09/2002 Dismissed Harassment 12/09/2002 Dismissed Permit Minor Consume/Possess LI Dissmissed l have proof of completing a domestic violence program and letters from my pastor, employer and mother stating I am rrehabilitated and am a person of good moral character. How likely is it that my petition is denied by USCIS or during the interview? What else can I include to improve my chances of approval? I have bi-polar and all my convictions where when I was off my medication. When I am on my medication I am fine. Should I mention that at the interview? I plan on being there with my wife. My wife is in the Philippines and knows all about my convictions. Thank you for your advice in advance. Quote
  12. Guysmiley

    k-1 visa petitioner criminal records

    Yes my fiance is fully aware of all the charges and I will be giving her all the court and police documents in December next time we meet. My understanding is that at the Manila consulate they generally let the petitioner in with the beneficiary at the interview, fingers crossed. I did not send a letter explaining the charges but did include court and police reports for all of them. It does not look good. Maybe I can make a letter to bring with me to the interview if we are approved by uscis. Hope we aren't denied.
  13. Guysmiley

    k-1 visa petitioner criminal records

    As far as I can tell I would only need a waiver if this were my 2nd petition in 2 years or 3rd in my lifetime. It is my first petition so I don't think I need a waiver. I have sent off my packet to Rapid visa so now I must just wait for noa1 and noa2(fingers crossed). I sent in a couple letters to support my rehabilitation and proof of having completed domestic violence counseling stating my likelyhood of engaging in intimate partner abuse is low. Wish me luck I will fill out my timeline as soon as I get my noa1 and will keep this thread updated. Any advice for the interview? I plan to be their in the Philippines with my fiance for it.