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  1. My case was completed on 01-15 , interview was scheduled on 02-28 and interview took place on april 30th so about 3.5 months from case complete to interview
  2. i made most of my process from Mexico city, the fingerprints and medical , the cost was 340 usd because i already had the TDAP from IMSS (the vaccines they give you are TDAP MMR and Varicella) I came in to the consulate in CDJ at 9 am they ask for your passport , interview sheet (p4) and the DS-260 , then you go through a metal detector before you can go through to the interview rooms (here they will give you a number). When you go inside they send you to a room where they ask for the following: Birth cert Carta de no antecedentes penales Marriage / divorce certificate medical envelope (its a black one) and the passport pics (make sure they are the right size i saw someone getting kicked back for not having the 2inx2in pics) they review your documents, ask you who is the petitioner and the relationship to you and to confirm the address they will be sending your documents to, if everything is ok they put a green mark in the number they gave u at the metal detector and you can move forward to the green chairs Then i waited for about 2 hrs till they call me to the window and asked me: Who is the petitioner How many times have you been in the USA Have u always come in using a tourist visa What does the petitioner do for a living Congratulations you have been approved!! i took about 5 minutes in the interview (after waiting like 4 hours so be very patient) and i left the consulate at 1 pm Good luck in your journey!!!!
  3. Hello Group i had my interview in juarez yesterday and it was approved!!!!!!! thanks to everyone in this site for all the help and advise!!!!!!
  4. When i got my case complete it took about 3 days to get to my email
  5. Hey! my husband is in the USA i am currently living in Mexico city , we do not need a waiver as we have not entered the USA to live there before nor we have been recepients of DACA so no waiver is needed in our case , just the IV and the AOS fee paid for on the nvc stage , if anything my interview is on april 30th ill let you know how that went Heres the link that tells you when you need a waiver https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-601instr.pdf
  6. Mine is april 30th will make sure to let you know how it went
  7. YESSSSSS Congratulations sweetie i knew you would get your date shortly !!!!!
  8. Hello everyone , After receivingmy interview date for CDJ on wednesday , i received today the email confirmation!!!!! its official! CC Jan 15 Interview April 30th
  9. Yes i am scheduled for Juarez and yes i called today at 9am and then agan 20 mins ago
  10. Yes , i called this morning and they didnt have anything scheduled for me
  11. GOT MY INTERVIEW!!!! April 30th CC Jan 15th