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  1. @amul ohk..i thought u have filed for K1
  2. @amul so after they showed up at ur home while ur mother was there ..what all things they asked to ur mother & what they checked as part of that local police telephone conversation..im asking you this things because we met erlier this month and we are about to file k1 eventhough im not fully ready
  3. @Lemonslice hi we met last week and im back to India now. I don't know whether I would be able to make it without her. I can't stop crying after meeting her. I love her dat much and can't be widout her... I hope someone will understand my mind..
  4. @Lemonslice im feeling helpless to tell all these situations to my parents and on the other end im making her sad because of this reason . Im the one who is causing all the trouble in this relation
  5. @BuiQuang then what else i can do ...i feel like im cheating on her and i cant tell my parents too and there is no one to help also to get me there in any other way. i dont know how much u can understand me but the situation is pathetic & more than that i cant see her this sad
  6. @geowrian@amulWhat do you suggest me to do. I don't think I can involve my family into this at this point of time. But my family has no problem if I'm migrating to any other countries as they are also aware that I want to move somewhere.. Or is there anyone who can help me to get a job or something... There are so many problems happening between us too bcz of my situation and I feel like I'm cheating her.. My situation is pathetic.. There is no other way I think other than migrating illegaly or kill myself
  7. I know, but still I'm not clear that they will check with family. I'm not getting a correct solution. I have no one to help there other than filing this. But I don't want to make my family feel like I didn't obey them. That's why I'm trying to do it like this. This doesn't means that I didn't love her or anything. I just want to move forward with no problems and have a happy life. Please help me
  8. Hi @EandH0904 do they enquire to my family about our relationship
  9. Hi I dont know what should i ask u guys ,Is there any indian citizen who has went to US through k1 Visa .Please comment here ,it will be so helpful as i neeed alot of information regarding background check and all ..Please help..please Regards Vishnu
  10. Hi Guys I just want to know some information about the fiancee visa. So I'm from India and my girl friend is from USA. So we are planning for a trip to chiang mai this October last and after that we are planning to a file a fiancee visa to get me there. So she suggested me to do this. But I have some issues like my family doesn't knows about this relation ship and im sure they will not agree this. So I planned not to tell dem about all these things. It's not because I don't respect them and after all you know how Indian parents will respond when it comes to things like this and she is older than me and have kids too.. But I'm not considering all these things as negative because I love her so much So here are my questions 1) what all things we should submit for the fiancee visa & what all files or papers they will USCIS or consulate send to my address as im not staying at my current address but same country (Is there any option to send it to my address) 2)what is actual process for getting this visa 3) as my parents are not aware of this will it cause any trouble to get the visa 4) what all kind of police verification will be there to get the visa.. Like whether they will come and check all details with my parents or Please help me to find out this it will be so helpful Regards Vishnu
  11. Hi guys Is there any way to know clearly what all verification they will do . like will they check with my family that they are aware of this or something like that
  12. @jayjayj will there be any mails coming o my home or anything like dat after we file the petition as im living in another state nott with my parents
  13. @KULtoATL will there be any mails coming o my home or anything like dat after we file the petition as im living in another state nott with my parents @KULtoATL im so sorry to ask so many things bcz i need to find solution for this and there is no one to help Thank you Vishnu
  14. Hi What all verification will USCIS or emabassy do on aliens country or alien should give the police clearance certificate ? Im asking this because my parents are not aware of my relationship & I dont want dem to know about this
  15. @KULtoATL what all verification will be done to approve the visa ,Whether i need to submit any thing like i dont have any police case or they will check it anonymously