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  1. My husbands case just updated to “ready to be scheduled for an interview”. Is anyone else waiting in this status and how long have you been waiting?
  2. You mean AOS filed in 2017 if it took 15 months?
  3. Not sending in the affidavit of support so I sent that in with all the supporting docs
  4. my husband got an RFIE on 7/10( app updated stating RFIE was mailed), had his bio appt on 7/16 then on 7/19 status changed to “fingerprints were reviewed.” Has anyone else had this? I thought RFIE paused the review processed. They just received our response today.
  5. No, I didn’t. I read some posts online by attorneys saying it’s not required so I went with that but easy enough fix at least.
  6. We just got a RFIE for the I864, affidavit of support, I read that wasn’t required since we completed that at the K1 stage so I didn’t include it. Did others include it or not include it?
  7. When was it delivered? Mine was delivered on the 14th and still no notification or cash checked.
  8. I just sent in my husbands AOS application and it was received on 6/14. I realized I incorrectly put a6 instead of c9 on the EAD application. We haven’t received the notice of receipt yet, I’ve read that I should send a letter requesting the change from a6 to c9 to be made with a copy of the receipt notice. I wanted to see if anyone had any additional suggestions and/or expierence with this? I really don’t want us to get denied for EAD and then have to wait another 3 months !
  9. When i filled it out for my fiancee, i put no. The way i read the question, it excludes the current application/process we're going through. They know we're filing the petition now so i think they want to know if there were any other prior times.
  10. Visa/Interview fee paid, interview booked for 4/9, and flight booked for 4/6!!!
  11. My case status just changed to ready but when i try to create the application to schedule the interview it states it's not ready for an interview. Has anyone else experience this?
  12. To my fellow group 5 people, how long did it take to go from in transit to at embassy?
  13. Were you option 5 or 7 group when calling?
  14. For people in group 5 when calling NVC, how long did it take for it to go from at NVC to in transit?
  15. Once NVC has your case, if you're in the electronic group, they'll tell you to call back and dial option 5 instead of 7.