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  1. Yes, baby is allowed to attend. Hopefully, the baby won't be disruptive during the interview.
  2. If it makes you feel better, my case just got updated to the status you have above.🤔
  3. Thank you, fellow COS resident! Best of luck for the interview! I hope my detailed interview experience could lessen your worry. As your relationship is real, don't worry too much, your job is simply to make the officer aware of that. Be natural when you tell your story (how you met, proposal, etc) just like when you are talking to a friend. Be sure to review the I-485 and I-130, so you don't have to worry about forgetting little details (like me lol).
  4. Congrats! Yeah, mine were "My New card is being Produced for I-485" and "My case was approved" for I-130. Maybe it's just the way the officer mark it in the system .
  5. I don't think so. I read someone's experience here where the lawyer attended the interview and said 4 words total or something like that. I feel like if you have complex case like one that involve multiple things out of the 4 points mention below, then your lawyer could help explain/present your situation to the IO.
  6. Maybe the officer didn't finish reviewing your case by the end of day Friday. Try to give it until Tuesday I'd say. I feel like I've seen others who waited 5 days to get approval/update. So, there is hope.
  7. Unfortunately, the $1000 my friend quoted me is only to attend the interview. So, it's on top of the $3000 for doing the whole application (supposedly they normally charge $4500). I also thought it was stupid and happened to know others who filed themselves successfully, so I didn't hire any lawyer. You definitely found a really affordable lawyer!
  8. My immigration lawyer, who happens to be a friend, quoted me $1000. I consulted with my company's immigration lawyer and they quoted me $500
  9. I think it's expiration date of the passport you used to enter the U.S.. otherwise, it will say expiration date of most recent issued passport. The instruction says: Passport and Travel Document Numbers. If you used a passport or travel document to travel to the United States, enter either the passport or travel document information in the appropriate space on the application, even if the passport or travel document is currently expired. On the I-485, you are the principal and your dependents (e.g. foreign spouse, children) are the derivatives.
  10. The wait is finally over !! Our interview was yesterday (10/25) We arrived around 15 minutes before the appointment time in the NOA, had a long security line, got to the check in table around 5 minutes after the appointment time (listed in NOA), and got called by the interviewer around 10 minutes later. He seems middle age and very stern. He indicated where we need to sit and ask me (beneficiary) for passport, ID, and EAD. Then, asked my husband (petitioner) for ID. I forgot to put my phone on silent and it vibrated, so he asked that we turn our phones off else he will have to terminate the interview should it goes off the second time. First he went through the I-130 (page by page) with my husband Then, he turned to me and went through the I-485. Basically, putting a check mark on each answer that match the one I put in the form and adding corrections to the one that's obsolete or incomplete. I made a mistake of not bringing my old passports, as stated in the NOA (All travel documents used to enter the United States, including Passports), fortunately that was not a deal breaker. Here are the questions he went through with me for the I-485 (with their corresponding numbers in the form): Name (#1), other names (#2-4), DOB (#5), City of Birth (#7), addresses (#12), Last Arrival (#15 - 25), Additional Information (Part 3 #1), Address history (Part 3 #5 - 9) and who I lived with on each, Employment History (Part 3 #11 - 18), Parent's first names (Part 4 #1b and 9b), whether my parents like him, marital history (including husband's full name) and children, Biographic Information (Part 7), General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Ground (Part 8 ~15 questions), asked me to confirm my signature in the submitted form. The ones I remember changed after I sent the application was my last arrival information. Other than that, I did not write who I lived with at each address (not required in the form) and my speeding ticket history, so he put a side note on the form, calculated the number of changes and put the number in Part 13, then had me sign the form. He looked at my husband and asked how we met (including name of the website and how the website works) and how the relationship progressed. He asked when the idea of getting married was brought up, who proposed, where the proposal happened, and how it was done. I asked if I could correct the date my husband mentioned after he mentioned it while jokingly said my husband is horrible with dates and he let me correct the dates. He has gotten more friendly at this point. He asked for additional evidences I brought in and I provided him with 24 photos (printed in set of 4 on 8.5" x 11" letter paper - 6 papers total), flight confirmation for our trips, joint tax return, credit card statement, and utility bills. He said he would take more should I brought other things. He commented on the big weddings we had and my husband said we spent a lot of money on them, so he was curious if we happen to print the bill as evidence; I didn't. Then, he brought up how some fraud marriages are really simple and he got nervous when he saw my husband leaned back on his chair with crossed arms as the interviewer went through the I-485 with me. He explained that he spent around an hour reviewing our forms last night and has yet to look through the entire package (I submitted). He will need to check other things online as well to make a decision and said the next day would be when he estimated to make the decision. Should he need more evidence or has further questions, he will send RFE or request us to appear for another interview. He also mentioned the way conditional green card works and suggested we start a folder for I-751, so we can store our joint bank statement quarterly, photos from trips, flights booking confirmations, financial information, future children information, etc. He mentioned they only do interview for I-751 cases either one day a week or per month, but basically it will get really stressful if we are not prepared and will take forever to get the permanent green card after being classified a fraud level that requires interview. The interview took around 45 minutes. After the interview, my case status was changed to "Interview was completed and my case must be reviewed". Today at 5:45 local time, I received a status update "New Card is being produced" Best of luck to everyone !! p.s. I didn't review my forms after I completed them last year and with the nervousness, there were a couple times where it didn't go smoothly (e.g. mixed my father's first and last name, provided the wrong second digit of my phone number, etc)
  11. ColoradoBeauty

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    I see. I'm hoping not to raise any red flag during the interview. In the case I answer the whole thing and my husband doesn't fill in or add more details.
  12. ColoradoBeauty

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    Was it just your spouse that answer or did you contribute to the story too? Thank you very much!
  13. ColoradoBeauty

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm hoping you could provide more details on the following: 1. When he asked you about how you guys met and so on, did he ask a specific person (you or your spouse) or was it just up in the air for anyone to answer? 2. Did he take the temp EAD or give it back? 3. Did he see any additional document you bring (e.g. joint IRS tax transcript)? 4. Did he ask anything about why you guys did small civil ceremony first?
  14. ColoradoBeauty

    Previous Addresses

    Maybe, you can put the explanation at the last page of the form or cover letter?
  15. (I believe) Birth in the United States is the correct one for you. Parents would be if you were born abroad to a US citizen parent(s) or you got citizenship after one or both of your parents have been naturalized