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  1. Hi everyone. I'm trying to figure out if my husband (UC) and I have to pay the penalty for not having a health insurance for a half of 2018. I'd appreciate any input and opinion on our situation. I came to the states on December 24, 2017 on K-1 visa and we got married on March 2,2018. (as I understand, I wasn't lawfully present before March,2 to get a health insurance). My husband didn't have a health insurance for the whole year of 2017 and we didn't know about obamacare and special enrollment and anything like this (I know it was pretty stupid not to research it but it is what it is). We applied for AOS on March 23 and I got the NOA1 on April 5th. Didn't get a chance to get the EAD and got the green card right away on July 19th. Starting August 1st I have the Medicaid coverage for the rest of the year. So, now I'm filling out the 8965 for for coverage exemption but can't figure out whether I can claim the period from January to July as not having the insurance because of being "a nonresident alien, including a dual-status alien in the first year of US residency" or "not lawfully present". Or should I claim the period from January through March as not lawfully present and then have April, May, June and possibly July as months without the right for exemption (so we'd have to pay the penalty for these months)? I am extremely confused by it and would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you in advance!
  2. Thank you very much for such an informative comment. Yes, I'll choose to cal down and enjoy the pregnancy, and be happy for the medicaid as it's going to be a huge help for our family. Hopefully, everything will go fine.
  3. Alright. I spoke to the uscis representative and they say the agency who gives the benefit decides whether to deem it from the sponsor or not. So, it is up to them. And I believe as long as my state thinks everything is ok, we are going to be fine. So, I have decided to go with the medicaid the state gave me and we'll see how that goes. Thank you everybody for your comments. I appreciate it!
  4. Plus this makes me feel pretty good: Benefits Not Subject to Public Charge Consideration Under the agency guidance, non-cash benefits and special-purpose cash benefits that are not intended for income maintenance are not subject to public charge consideration. Such benefits include: Medicaid and other health insurance and health services (including public assistance for immunizations and for testing and treatment of symptoms of communicable diseases, use of health clinics, short-term rehabilitation services, prenatal care and emergency medical services) other than support for long-term institutional care https://www.uscis.gov/news/fact-sheets/public-charge-fact-sheet edited in October this year.
  5. I have called my local medicaid and they said that while looking at our income they allowed 5% "airbag" since i am pregnant and that's why we are eligible (she said we are $30 away from being ineligible). And she said that they know about the affidavit but it's okay on their side because of the pregnancy. They say, I'll be eligible through the whole pregnancy but most likely not after that (which is absolutely fine with me. the pregnancy and delivery is our biggest concern at this time. I am currently trying to get to speak to the uscis representative but couldn't yet
  6. Emergency conditions generally covered include labor and delivery (from Immigrant Enroll Nebraska Eligibility for Medicaid). and prenatal care is not covered.
  7. Good for you! It's still better than the marketplace. I was really hoping to get a job with insurance but the pregnancy happened first... that's the thing. I did update the income and it is higher than the guidelines. However, I was still approved.
  8. Thank you everyone who posted their opinions and thoughts on this situation. I do understand that being given medicaid might cause problems that is why I am trying to get out of this situation with the least possible losses for my immigration history and also for our financial situation. Our problem is that my husband has a pretty good job for our area but it doesn't provide any insurance so I cannot be added anywhere and paying for private or marketplace plan by ourselves seems ridiculous in current situation (marketplace plan for me without subsidy is about 500 per month with 2500 deductible and 30% copay afterwards). So, technically, I'd rather not apply for any insurance and try to get emergency medicaid for the labor and delivery (that is the only service that is covered by emergency medicaid. However, I am planning to call medicaid today and ask them what kind of medicaid they allowed me to have (whether it is considered a short-term medicaid or a long-term one) and whether they considered my circumstances (income higher than the guidelines and affidavit). A And after that I'll try to call uscis and will ask them about the public charge on medicaid. If after talking to them I understand that the risks are minimal, I'll probably take the medicaid. And if they won't be able to give me a clear answer about the public charge situation and whether the state will go after my husband's income after medicaid or not, then I'll try to go with the emergency medicaid (honestly, I think that even having just an emergency medicaid to cover the hospital bills might be cheaper or the same price than having obamacare with subsidy (because of the high deductible and pretty high coinsurance). And speaking about becoming a public charge for taxpayers - I did not make the laws in this state. If they allow LPRs and even undocumented immigrants have access to the funds, it is not my concern. I don't believe that I'll rob any citizen as long as I am eligible, because taxpayers' money will go to these programs despite me enrolling in it or not. And yes, as my husband has been paying taxes all his life and has never received any benefits yet and me working here (currently have a part time job and worked in the us previously), I would not feel guilty receiving medicaid or emergency medicaid if I am qualified and if it is not going to go against me. I guess I'll post the outcome after I speak to the representatives. Thank you all!
  9. There are exceptions to the five-year bar.11 These include: • 1) Refugees, asylees, and LPRs who used to be refugees or asylees; veterans, active duty military, and their families • 2) Certain trafficking victims • 3) “Lawfully residing” pregnant women and children (see ICHIA below)
  10. I'm in Nebraska. They give medicaid to LPRs at any time. especially if pregnant Now I get it.. I wish I didn't apply.
  11. Unfortunately, our hospital does not really have maternity packages. and we live in a small area with limited access to providers within the driving distance. so, marketplace sounds as a better option to me under current circumstances. I just hope that I would still qualify for their premiums...
  12. But i've already got the notice of approval. So now if I decide not to use it, I still won't be able to get Obamacare. Am I right?
  13. Hello everyone. I'm looking for some help regarding my situation. My situation might be a little confusing but maybe someone dealt with anything like this. I am a green card holder, got married to my husband (USC) under k1 visa earlier this year. I am currently pregnant and uninsured. On november 1st we applied for Marketplace insurance and stated only my husband's income (I have started a part time job with unstable hours the same day and as I haven't received any paycheck yet) and the marketplace said I might be eligible for medicaid. I called the medicaid and they said i should apply and see the results. So, I did that and a week later we calculated that my husbands' income is going to be higher than we stated in both marketplace and medicaid applications plus I have found out more about my job's hours so I could predicts some income). I called both of the agencies, and they changed our income info which made me eligible for a marketplace insurance. However, yesterday I found out that I got eligible for the medicaid as well (even though our income is slightly higher than their guidelines and I have written a comment about the affidavit of support). So, now I am very confused on what to do. Because marketplace says as soon as I am eligible for medicaid, i lose eligibility for marketplace premiums. And medicaid might be bad for me and my husband because of the affidavit and future ROC and citizenship process. Any ideas on what to do now? All the contact centers are closed due to the holiday and I am just being super nervous about this situation. Wish I just never sent the medicaid application but I also was rather positive that I'll be denied because of the income.
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