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  1. Joint sponsor doesn't have to be family, correct? Just thinking OP may have friends who can help out. Your best option would be to marry and then file for a spousal visa. K1 would have her be in the country for a few months without work authorization, which means you'd still take on the role of your mother's caretaker because it counts as work she's not authorized to do. That would effectively leave both of you without any opportunity to make money for months, which would be tough. Getting married is a few months out right now if you're not intending to visit each other until later this summer or in the fall, so good news is you have some time to look for a joint sponsor. After you've filed, the petition + visa will take 12-15 months to process, so you have additional time to figure out the financials. If for example your Norwegian gf is able to work during that time and can save up some money, that could count.
  2. This is a freaking nightmare. I'm so sorry. You seem to be so on top of things, this delay is ridiculous. When I chose to do a K1 it was only because the EAD was supposed to work just as well as a GC in terms of work authorization. My EAD renewal window is opening up soon and stories like these make me reconsider if K1 + EAD was a good way to go, honestly, however unusual your situation may be. I'd focus on the congressman, too. And do keep us updated.
  3. Do you mean indirect flight back to the US, as in having a layover somewhere on the way? Only the US CBP will check your AP, if that's what you mean. The other places may care for visas/visa waivers + definitely passports, not your AP card
  4. Recommendation is to do it 120 days before expiration date or earlier. No earlier than 180 days before, however. My expiration date is coming up in 185 days or so, I plan to apply within the next few weeks. Also because I want to be able to show my employer the 6 month extension soon I'm just a bit obnoxious it's going to get approved just before or while we're traveling abroad in late July/early August... And that I won't be let back in on the old card. I think they should be cool about this but you never know.
  5. Sorry to disappoint, but moving from Manhattan to Queens means your applications moves... up from floor 7 to floor 9 in the Federal Plaza building (if it's even reached that location yet; might still be in Chicago waiting). All Manhattan, Kings, Queens, Richmond and some additional zips are processed at the plaza. If they have separate lines based on borough - maybe, who knows, but at least on the USCIS website their processing times are calculated together. Moving out to NJ is the real deal though, they are much, much faster than they are in the city.
  6. You should file for a spousal visa, IR1. Your USC partner petitions for you and you wait for the petition to be processed in whatever country you're currently residing in. You can travel to the US in a few weeks as a tourist of course, but if your intention is to stay in the US permanently, you're required to go back to your country of residence and wait until your case is done processing. Current timeline is about 12-15 months. Read this to get started: https://www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide1 For the IR1 visa you'll need documents from Argentina (such as your birth certificate) as well as documents from Portugal (if you lived there for more than 6 months, a police certificate is required).
  7. Do you have dual citizenship?
  8. If he's not listed then he's not working for them anymore. They wouldn't just accidentally delete his name and information. If you need to prove it to your fiancé you could always have him call the consulate and confirm. But I doubt they've just mistakenly removed him from the list.
  9. LizM

    Expeditited CR-1

    Congratulations! Happy to hear things are moving forward for you.
  10. If the consequence of violating a protection order is jail time, I really hope it's not that easy to get. You'd have to show credible evidence of abuse or stalking to get one, surely?
  11. Oh, trust me I found it! 1hr+ into this mess right now, still not finished
  12. I had heard of this balcony story before, I am so happy you posted it! Looking forward to the read
  13. When my husband and I went through the passport check in Stockholm a few months ago, they asked me questions about him in Swedish, him standing next to me, totally clueless. Having worked in a job where I needed to check people's identities, I for one always preferred to talk to the actual person identifying themselves, even if they didn't speak Swedish. But hey that's their decision I guess.
  14. If it's true that it's valid from approval, then what happens if it's approved while I'm abroad? I'm in New York and only 50% of cases are finished by 19 months of AOS processing. So chances are small that I will have my GC before EAD/AP expires.
  15. I've researched EAD/AP renewal here on VJ and there's one thing I can't figure out regarding the AP. I'm preparing to file to renew my combo card in a few weeks as my current card expires in 09/19/2019. I know AP is not automatically extended, and I'm not planning to travel overseas after that date, but I am planning to travel before that date. First of all - when I get the new card, will it be valid from the date of approval, or from the date of my current card's expiration date? Second of all - if the first option applies and the card is valid from the day it's approved, and it's approved before my current card expires, does it invalidate my current AP? I just want to make sure that I can travel safely on my current AP, even though my renewal card is processing and may be approved while I'm abroad.