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  1. Hang in there! You can call, not sure how much it helps but I felt better because I knew at least I hadn't missed out on any communication from them. My Tier 2 that I called mid or end October (interview late September; got GC early November) was really nice but basically just said it needs to go through approvals even after being processed by IO. I think that some IOs are not eligible to make decisions right away, and those applications go into another pile, and then you wait... again.
  2. Guys, I saw there was some discussion on the medical. From my experience I would say do not get another medical unless they ask for it. Just because the NYC office is super slow, and have officers who don't know the guidelines for medicals, doesn't mean you should have to pay extra $$$ for potentially nothing. My officer mentioned my medical as a potential concern and so I assumed that's why I had to wait almost two months to get approved after my GC interview. But I don't think that was it. I followed all guidelines and they never requested a new medical. They are just backlogged. The situation changes if you filed AOS more than a year after your overseas medical (AOS from K1), or more than 60 days after your domestic medical (AOS from student visas, work visas) and your application was filed after November 1st, 2018, or if your DS-3025 or I-693 is incomplete. In those cases you might be required to do a new one. Up to you if you want to wait for the post-interview RFE or just do it before interview.
  3. Are you kidding? 9 months for an EAD? Did you get an RFIE or do you know why they were super slow
  4. Gotcha, at least that’s sorted out. Not being able to remain working would have been the absolute worst. Congrats! 🎈😃
  5. Guys, yesterday I saw on my Informed Delivery that I was getting something from USCIS. I was disappointed after I was able to (barely) make out the text on the first line as being ”application for employment authorization and advanced”. They’re just sending me another combo card. However, today my I-485 status was updated to Card/Document Production. And when I track it I can see that the card will be here Tuesday! I feel incredibly relieved. And ready to be done with USCIS for another year and nine months. I’m going to renew my expired ID, get my driver’s license, book travel, and respond to requests from work about my expiring work authorization extension It took them seven weeks post interview to approve so everyone who’s stuck should not give up hope for a good result despite delays.
  6. I feel better that it's more of us, too. @HTM27 I saw one of your earlier posts - is this screwing up your work authorization?
  7. I see you guys already called - I don't believe the "updates from 1-15th" one bit... The guy I spoke to also said some things I'm fairly certain are not true. However, I thought at first that he was a little helpful because I read somewhere that sometimes they invite you for an interview even though your case is not done processing, so they might still wait for the admin parts to finish. And that's what the guy indicated about my case as well. But I'm also 100% he would never tell me if they had lost my case or if I was up for further security review, so really it probably just meant nothing.
  8. I'm in Brooklyn and I'm still stuck in a delay. I called tonight and spoke with a nice dude who told me they still haven't made a decision about my case. It wasn't any news, but it was good to hear because I wanted to make sure I'm not missing any potential requests for evidence. He said there are additional steps after the field officer is done with the case... which I obviously know very well is not always the case as some people get approved right away. He said they were delayed. I knew there was a delay pre-interview but I wasn't expecting this. Also, my expedite request is seemingly denied. Or I can't really tell from the email they sent me (minutes after I finished my call with the nice dude by the way). They referred to the extension. I'm aware... Just getting a bit tired of this.
  9. Thanks for the pep talk Yea I'm not too worried. My medical is solid, although actually I did see they changed the rules for the medical last year in November, but even under the new rules my medical would be valid (they now require medical within 60 days of AOS filing, if I remember correctly, for medical to be valid for two years). I have spent probably not even three weeks out of the country since I moved here, most of that time in my home country. So likely not the issue. Oh and I wish I could get a 10 year card - but my 2 year anniversary is not until May 2020 and I desperately hope I have my GC waaaaay before then. Well, I'm sorry to hear you're waiting too, but it does feel better to not be a complete anomaly I actually checked the AOS stats on here and found another NY couple that interviewed in the beginning of July and did not get approved until over a month later. Their interview experience sounded very familiar to mine (similar questions, similar concern about the medical) but they made it after not too long, which is encouraging. A quick FYI on that is that they actually got approved the day after they had called USCIS and asked about their case... So maybe that's worth trying.
  10. Hey all. Quick update - I seem to have hit my first immigration snag. I'm coming up on a month post GC interview and all they give me is radio silence. I'm fairly sure it couldn't just be about my medical (which by the way there's nothing wrong with to begin with) so I must have been singled out for further review or something. I called today to expedite my EAD given it expired a month ago, hoping it will spark the receivers of my expedite request to look into why the GC hasn't been approved. I can't have a valid US ID nor make travel plans right now so I'm really hoping I hear back soon.
  11. Hey all, had my interview on Thursday. It went well! It was much more thorough than I had anticipated, but the officer was nice and seemingly at least relatively new to the job. She asked my husband a ton of questions, writing down all his answers on a sheet. And then she flipped the sheet and asked me similar questions. I had to correct him on one thing, but nothing big. The biggest point of concern was when she mentioned I might need another medical. I have read the legal text and I know that's not the case so carefully I pointed out all I have to do is apply within a year of the medical, she said she will look into it with her supervisor. If they ask me to do another medical I'm going to be very disappointed because there's no support for that in the INA. In other words, no approval yet, hoping this doesn't take too long to sort out.
  12. If you're planning to just visit her then you can apply for a visa waiver (ESTA) and go as soon as you have that. I think they want you to apply at least 72 hours in advance of your US flight, but I'm sure people have applied last minute and gotten away with it. Apply here https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ If you're planning to go over and stay then it will take much longer. And you will need to marry or study or do something that makes you eligible for a visa. Having a girlfriend in the US won't be enough.
  13. Thank you! I'm overseas at the moment so I think I will just wait it out, by the time I get back next week it should be in my mailbox hopefully. But good to know!
  14. My GC interview has finally been scheduled! I'm so happy and a little bit surprised, was expecting this to drag on (I'm in NYC where there are huge delays). Filed 6/4/2018, ready to be scheduled for interview since 7/25/2018.
  15. Late reply but I gambled. Resigned on February 19, 2018 and had 3 months notice, which put my last work day on May 18th. I received my NOA2 (for the K1, which is different ofc) on March 13, 2018. I had my embassy interview early May and visa in hand ten days before my last work day. There was no way to plan the timing of that with 100% certainty, and normally people will not advise you to quit your job before you have your visa in hand. But I had saved up so I felt relatively safe that if the process would drag on I would be fine financially. I was also doing a lot of monitoring of the K1 cases, as another (awesome) VJ member continuously posted scanned case batches almost every day. From those cases it was possible to work out a probable timeline that then turned out to be correct for me.
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