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  1. Just extrapolating based on the recent anecdotal experiences (including mine).
  2. They started processing the 2019 PD dates faster to save themselves the revenue for all the future i-751's but the 2018's seem to be pretty predictable now. Based on everyone's recent Manhattan experiences here, you'll probably get an interview notice in December and your interview will probably be mid to late January, maybe February if things slow down due to all the holidays.
  3. I had basically the same experience in Manhattan a week earlier than you and case is 'being reviewed' ever since. The I-130 was approved a few days after the interview. I figure that, on the bright side, if it really takes them 120+ days they'll pass my two year anniversary and I'll get the 10 year GC and save a few hundred dollars....
  4. Sounds like we are basically in the same situation. Is your i-485 status now 'interview complete and case needs to be reviewed'?
  5. My EAD renewal has finally been approved and is now in the mail. I applied in early January - that's 9 full months of processing. Our I-130 was also approved a few days ago. My I-485 is still 'pending review' post-interview.
  6. I am in Manhattan and had my interview last week with PD date March 2018. I think my interview was technically in the “Queens office” (they’re both in federal plaza), so they’re clearly spreading the case load around, as they said they would. You should be getting your interview notice any day now.
  7. Had our interview at Federal Plaza. PD is March 2018. We were called about 20 minutes after our interview time. The IO was very professional but not stern or cold or unpersonable, which was a relief. They asked my USC spouse about 4 basic relationship questions - how'd we meet? When was the first meeting? When was the wedding? Who came? - and then just basic self-identifying questions like address, birthday, place of birth, parents names etc. They didn't ask me any of the relationship questions, just the same self-identifying questions. The biggest focus was on all the information that has changed since we submitted the application 18+ months ago. We had an evidence package with over 40 items in it and the only things the IO wanted were paystubs from our current jobs (which we both started after the application was submitted). We submitted a shared lease, evidence of a trip abroad, and evidence of a couple shared accounts with our original application so I guess this + our demeanor in the interview was sufficient. Unfortunately, the IO said a supervisor was going to need to review everything again because of a variety of things that have changed since submitting the application. She gave us the form stating as much and then my online account was updated to "interview completed and case must be reviewed". I'm crossing my fingers that this resolves itself quickly as my EAD renewal still hasn't come through and I've got about a month left in the 'auto-extension' grace period...... Aside from this, it was not nearly as unpleasant as I was anticipating and we even shared a laugh or two (I can't help but crack up at some point along the way of the 1000 yes/no questions.....)!
  8. Had my interview this week in NYC. Went very well but the IO said some of the info had to be reviewed by her supervisor because certain things had changed so much (not for the worse) since filing 18+ months ago. Now the case status is “in review”? Anybody have experience with this/a realistic timeline? I am particularly nervous because my EAD renewal has been pending since January and it’s auto-extension ends next month....
  9. Assuming you don't have your AP in time and are still waiting to adjust status. Would the field office give you the AP stamp simply to 'fly home for Christmas'? Or does someone have to be dying or something along those lines?
  10. The NBC recently dropped the processing times to 3.5-5.5 months. Has anyone actually got their card in this time without requesting an expedite? Mine's been pending since January 2019......
  11. My interview was recently scheduled for the end of September. My EAD renewal has been pending since mid-January. The current one expired in April so the six-month extension will end a couple of weeks after the GC interview. If all goes 100% it won’t matter, but even a slight delay could screw up my work eligibility. Does the NBC continue processing the EAD as it normally would, given all this? I submitted an “outside normal processing time” inquiry a few weeks ago but have yet to hear anything.
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