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  1. Hey everyone! We had our AOS interview yesterday in Portland, OR and were approved! I'm so happy that we're taking a break from visa things for the next 20+ months. He didn't take any additional documentation off me or photographs but I was glad to have taken my folder with me just in case. He didn't ask as many questions as I thought he would, just some of the ones on the I-485 and then about our plans for the future. Should get my green card in 3 weeks! I'm really glad because I have AP but no EAD so I can't wait to get to work! Good luck to everyone remaining! Hopefully won't be much longer. Emily B.
  2. Thanks, that's what I'm thinking just in case. Do you think this would be acceptable? I'm unsure how to word it but wanted to give a little back story as my Husband and our roommate were living together before I arrived.... Dear USCIS Caseworker, Please accept this letter as my confirmation of the current living arrangements at ADDRESS between myself, Rob and Emily. Rob and I have shared an apartment since 2016 when we were both co-workers. Rob and Emily spoke with me regarding their immigration process when they started the application process in 2017 and throughout where we discussed potential living arrangements. As Emily would not be able to work upon her arrival, we decided we would move to a two bedroom apartment as soon as her visa was granted as it would be better for our individual finances to continue sharing an apartment. We moved into our apartment 15 days before Emily arrived on her K1 visa in May 2018 and will continue this arrangement for the foreseeable future. Should you require any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  3. Hi everyone, We have our AOS interview on the 9th and I was reading where we will be asked about our living situation. Currently my Husband and I live with a colleague of his (they were living together before I arrived) and to save us money while waiting to AOS we all moved to a bigger apartment. Do you think they would want a letter from our roommate regarding our situation? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year! Emily
  4. Congratulations on your approval too! Thank you both for the explanation, I never would have thought about it I am so excited. I'm asking our flatmate to open the letter just in case the interview date is before we get back to the US.
  5. How strange is that! Why would they put your fathers name in, haha this process just gets even more baffling! 🤣
  6. She entered on her K1 so that's dead now, right? You're AOSing. Does she have her AP? If so, then surely she can visit you if she's your wife...
  7. FYI I'm actually in the UK at the moment so I can't actually open the mail until the 18th. Hence me wondering, haha.
  8. I got Informed Delivery that I'm getting a letter today BUT it says my name and then: c/o my fathers name..... why would they send it to me but have my dad as care of? They've sent it to my US address too...my dad lives in the UK. Any idea what it might be? Thanks!
  9. Oh I agree with you completely, I guess I just give them the benefit of the doubt because they have to put more scrutiny on applications now than before. I wish we didn't have to have interviews again after just having one before we left our countries. I am still waiting for my EAD (I have my AP, weird) but yeah. I want the wait to end soon but I would rather have my EAD and wait than wait for both haha. If it works for you, we should all give it a go!
  10. emylady

    Eligible for ESTA?

    Tenby is amazing! I thought that, I'll just tell them not to bother. I doubt he would want to tell the CO what happened seeing as he's embarrassed by it. He didn't have to go to prison but did have to register on the list.
  11. emylady

    Eligible for ESTA?

    Hi everyone, I've tried searching about this but can't find much. So my cousin's husband is a registered sex offender but the family want to travel to the US for a holiday. Is it likely that he will be able to travel on an ESTA or should he apply for a B2 visa? Thanks in advance!
  12. They’re not the most organized bunch and if you have your interview and then they send the file they might get everything confused. Just wouldn’t be worth the hassle to be honest.
  13. While I agree they should process within the time stated, you do realize it’s not their fault if the background checks take longer to come back from the respective agencies? I remember my K1 taking longer because someone in the UK government couldn’t be bothered to reply to their request for weeks. This is mostly the reason why cases appear to not be worked in the order received. I’m not sure a law suit is the right way to go about it but I wish you luck.
  14. I'd be calling them up to ask that question! Unless they just haven't bothered to update the status and you might get a letter soon with the response. I wish they'd just email responses instead of wasting trees!
  15. emylady

    Proud of my wife

    Congratulations and Good Luck for when you move! It's nice to read about a success story!