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  1. If i file two i864s it will be rejected by CO as the house hold member himself is the join sponsor. i confirmed this from uscis. Also confirmed it from people who got rejected becoz they didnt submit i864a
  2. if she consider them as her dependents that will be misinformation and incorrect becoz they are not here dependent. no she never worked and she even sent an explanation to nvc that she cant submit her taxes as she never worked
  3. Also please advise how to show the house hold size in her I864 when the I864 asks for her dependents ? which box she shud fill for her mother and bro as her fathers dependent?
  4. i didnt get it. the i864 is being filed for my wife and i864A will be filled by her father. If my wife files i864 how can she add her mother and brothers in her dependents when her father has them in his dependents and that particular i864 is being filed for my wife? secondly father is filling i864A and it doesnt have house hold size box so as per my assumption the CO will verify that by counting the dependents in the tax return plus the house hold mentioned in the i864 by my wife that will be six. correct me if i am wrong
  5. as per the boxes provided in the I864 the house hold size comes out to be 3 i.e me my wife and her father. I864A doesnt have any box to give the house hold size of father. what to do in that case?
  6. as per my info if (joint sponsor ) living in the same house then he needs to fill form i864A. In form I864A there is no house hold size option. its only available in I864 which the petitioner has to fill. please note that my wife is included as a dependent in her fathers tax returns
  7. But there is no box for petitioners mother or son in i864 form thats why its calculated as 3. please note that my wifes father is the joint sponsor living in same residence where my wife lives
  8. if the baby is not born till the time of my interview (which i am not sure as its currently my wifes 9 month) can affect the house hold size number? secondly i am also taking another updated copy of the affidavit of support as well incase if the baby is born.
  9. my i864 house hold size calculates to 3. I have join sponsor(my wifes father) who has a income of 45k approx annually. as per poverty guidelines its quite high. But one thing i am still confused about is that my joint sponsor whose dependents include two sons and his wife will be included in this house hold size at the time of the interview bcoz as per the formula given the affadavit of support house hold size only totals to 3?
  10. sorry i didnt get your answer. will the new one be applicable? as the document which were accepted were as per the old poverty guideline
  11. Will the new poverty guidelines be applicable to the people whose interview has already been scheduled?
  12. @aleful The baby will not be mentioned in the tax returns as he will be born this year. can you advise what part if i864 needs to be updated?