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  1. Tanya@D Starcher


    My honey and me)))
  2. Tanya@D Starcher


    Myrtle Beach)) we are happy ...
  3. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. We after New Year too. )) ...we had an appointment before, but all was closed because of unusual cold weather ) ...snow and ice in December for the first time in 25 years in Georgia... but now 80 )))
  5. We the same way ) ...got License, then we got married, got Marriage Certificate, ( we got 2 Marriage Certificates for any case))....applied for SSN with new name, applied for AOS+AP...we think, there is no reason to get SSN before marriage, to exchange it then , 1-2 month later
  6. It is better if you translate your documents by yourself...applying for green card welcome if you know English. Never send originals anywhere ! Only copies.
  7. Translate by yourself, and certify on the bottom. You should write: I, Martha .middle name...last name., certify, that I am conversant/ fluent in the Russian and English languages and that above/attached document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled Birth Certificate Marta middle name...last name. Signature. Date mm/dd/ year Address, phone number
  8. Tanya@D Starcher

    I129F April 2017 filers -Part 2

    Congratulations !!! Happy for you !!!...have a great time together , keep your love forever !!! We sent our AOS+AP package , so, journey goes on )))
  9. Tanya@D Starcher

    I129F April 2017 filers -Part 2

    Congrats with your interview approved !!! ...new passport is that you got an interview with ? why three middle names?....it is just technical mistake, you'll be ok !
  10. Tanya@D Starcher

    I129F April 2017 filers -Part 2

    Yes, you are right ! We'll wait again, just now it is absolutely different, easier a LOT !!! just a process , by itself, behind everyday life... and no hurry more )
  11. Tanya@D Starcher

    I129F April 2017 filers -Part 2

    Dear I129F April 2017 Part 1 and Part 2 !!! Before our move on a thread AOS, we wish to everyone good luck on every step visajourney, fast processing of documents, an easy assimilation in USA, happy family life , infinitely love! On AOS step all of us will get different month's threads, but we remember all of you guys, good luck and fulfillment of all desires to all !
  12. Tanya@D Starcher

    I129F April 2017 filers -Part 2

    Congrats ! All must go faster for you now, you have been waiting enough ...happy for you !
  13. Thank you soooo much !!!
  14. Tanya@D Starcher

    I129F April 2017 filers -Part 2

    We read , AP about 2 or 3 months, but in fact now from 3 to 4 months. So, we are working now for AOS and AP too, because we have to visit my children in Russia this summer... meaning that obtaining green card is more than a year now, AP is necessary.