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  1. Yet, in less than a month my case is already being reviewed by a USCIS officer? That usually takes about 8-12 months for that status to change from “case received” to “case is being actively reviewed.” Read what took place AFTER that email was sent to me so you may see where the confusion is. I’m asking help from those who have had experience in requesting an expedite, what their process was like, so thank you for your response but it does not quite answer my question.
  2. When I’m asking was “it” approved, I’m referring to the request itself. I guess I should’ve said is it being considered because I put 2 requests in prior to this 3rd one that we’re both denied for the same case. I received no notice of them denying it, I got the info when I called USCIS and requested an update on my expedite request. The 3rd request I put in, I actually received an email which I will share. When I received this email, I took my chances and just replied with an attachment PDF file filled with evidence & timeline of events of my situation in detail since the previous decisions were based solely off the small details the CS representative entered when making my request. I added a message in the body kindly requesting them to revisit my request again and go through my gathered evidence. A couple days later I see my actual I-130 petition Case get updated to “Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS”. I’m not saying my case is approved, just wondering if they approved my request to expedite my case which means it’s brought to the front of the adjudication line.
  3. I requested an expedite at USCIS stage for an I-130 petition for a family member. I filed the I-130 on 8/26, and our case was set on “Case was Received and receipt notice was sent”. I put in the expedite request on 9/15 and on 9/24 I saw that the status of our case changed to “Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS”, I’m guessing they approved it? I’ve filed other petitions & the Status never changes that fast. I didn’t get any email physically saying we were approved so I was wondering what other people’s experiences were with those requests. My next question is, if it was really approved and they adjudicate it quicker than expected, would I need to request an expedite at NVC stage as well to get an interview sooner or does this 1 request work all the way through? Thank you in advance for your responses.
  4. Very true, I’ll be sure to share this insight with him so he understands why he needs to be at the forefront when receiving important information such as this directly rather than from word of mouth. Again, thank you.
  5. Yes, I’m telling him this and he’s trying to just receive the information rather than navigating through it himself. He owns a few businesses and works a pretty good paying job my aunt also has siblings who’s willing to support with Affidavit of support if needed, so hopefully this doesn’t become an issue, but I agree with you. He should deff be prepared for any and everything. Thank you.
  6. Yes, I let her know of this as well, she has a good support system so she’ll be okay for the most part in that department. Thank you.
  7. I mean we’re hoping she doesn’t get “caught” she doesn’t work or anything and literally Sits at home all day trying to learn some English. I am in process of creating a profile for them now. I’m just remembering some questions from my AOS process with my husband and letting them know what questions they should prepare to know answers to when filing, but thank you 😊
  8. @Crazy Cat and/or @Jeanne Adil When asked about the documentation of immigrant category, what do I put since she technically wasn’t filed for?
  9. They both are from Haiti and speak the same language but he speaks English as well since he’s been here in the US. Oh ok got it! Thank you for clarifying. They just got married in June, so I’ll be sure to let them know this. You’re absolutely right. Lol thank you.
  10. She doesn’t speak that much English and her now husband isn’t too tech savvy which is why I’m asking on their behalf, but I’ll probably make a page for them and help them communicate.
  11. You said that they can only paper file? That means even if the online application is available on the USCIS website, paper file instead?
  12. Thank you so much for the info! This was very helpful! Yes, he is.
  13. Hello, I have an aunt who was here on a 6 month tourist visa visiting her fiancé (now husband), originally she was just here to visit but they ended up getting married. Prior to their marriage she overstayed her visa. She’s getting mixed information about whether she should apply for AOS and wait it out with her now husband or is there another application that must be submitted first since there’s an over stay of over 5 months? All helpful responses is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Hi. Did you send the request email to USCIS or NVC? What stage were you in when you requested the expedite?
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