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  1. Update: Good news: He shared he does have a B Visa where he is allowed to stay up to 6 months, but usually stays about 2-3 months so CBP don’t ever question his trips/feel the need to revoke his visa. Bad News: He has about 8 more days left of physical therapy (his illness had him paralyzed on the right side of his body, through vigorous therapy, he’s been able to gain some movement back) but I believe the 6 month mark just ended sometime this week or will end sometime next week. We understand the whole “hurry up and try to get his butt home” but he physically cannot travel by himself. His “family” that he has up here consists of 2 people who cannot travel at this time with him. It’s almost as if the overstay is inevitable. My questions: -If he has days/weeks left on his B-Visa can he apply for the extension? -Is there a fee for that? -Also, if he applies, does that aid the reason of his overstay even though a decision hasn’t been made yet? For example: Just like AOS aids the fact that you have no status just yet because you sent all your items in. -If he we’re to be able to leave before they make a decision on his emergency medical assistance, does that automatically voids his app since he’s currently not in the state he applied in due to having to travel back home? Useful information for those who attempt at answering my questions: - Haiti 🇭🇹 just opened its land and Boarders for travelers TODAY. -He still has to figure out his travel plans since he doesn’t remember details of it. Family is currently looking into that.
  2. Thank you for all of this information. I’m not 100% sure his fly back date was the 17th. It could’ve been after the 30th since he wasn’t entirely himself when I was inquiring about the details of his itinerary. He had his tourist visa for over 4 years and would never dare overstay. I’m sure he wouldn’t have stayed if he had the option to return home and be in compliance.
  3. I’ll double check the details of his visa and I am hoping this is the case! Thank you everyone for all of your responses! It was all very helpful. I’m very thankful for the VJ community. I’ll be sure to circle back with any questions that arise as I confirm some things.
  4. Not sure if he did this. I doubt it since he speaks little to no English and wouldn’t know where to begin to search for this specific resource. I’m not too savvy on tourist visas, but I wish this is something his family was aware of earlier.
  5. Thank you for the clarification. I’m guessing the March date since he said the 2nd week of March but then again he just came out of a week long coma so he probably doesn’t even really remember. All I know is he couldn’t fly out, they canceled his flight due to the ban. It does suck because Haiti already has a slim to none chance of providing tourist visas to Haitian citizens so I can already foresee him having an issue trying to obtain another one.
  6. Can you clarify this for me? They were allowing flights out of Haiti until March 30th?
  7. Im pretty sure he probably had someone purchase his ticket for him since Haiti isn’t really on credit card level as of yet. If this air ticket insurance meant that he had to pay more money for his plane ticket, I’m pretty sure he did not include it. He flew with Spirit airlines and I’ve heard horrible things about that airline, yet people fly with them anyway because of their cheap airfare, so I’m assuming he didn’t add any travel insurance to his ticket, but I will confirm.
  8. So if he leaves before the 180 days that means no ban? He would just have to apply for another visa and fill out a waiver alongside of it to explain his overstay? Unfortunately he did not have any travel insurance. For those coming out of Haiti, I’m not even sure they’re aware that this is an option for them.
  9. I believe he was due to leave a whole month before his actual visa return date. So let’s say he entered the US on January 30th, end of April would’ve been the 3 month mark. He was due to travel back home March 17th so he technically didn’t start overstaying until late April. We’re now heading into July on Wednesday so his overstay is currently at 2 months (60 days) if my calculations are correct. He was in the hospital since the 1st week of June. After all test results came back he was negative for COVID. The illness he had was one of those rare unexpected occurrences.
  10. Hi all! I know a lot of people who ask questions for friends or family on here get told to have the actual person create their own profile to ask their own questions, but in their current situation they can’t, so I’m here asking for them. Long story short, a family friend from Haiti was out here on a tourist visa since late January. He was due to fly back to his home country The 2nd week of March when all the travel bans started taking place. He unfortunately got stuck here due to the ban & couldn’t fly out before his return date. During this time of him being in limbo and waiting for the ability to travel again, he unexpectedly got really sick and had a near death experience where he had to be rushed to the hospital & have emergency brain surgery. He was admitted into the ICU & fortunately he had a successful surgery & he is now going through physical therapy before they release him. It’s been about 3 weeks now since all of this transpired. His family is already planning his travel back home once he’s released & physically able, but our question is, what happens next with his visa? Will they penalize him for overstaying even though it was caused by the travel ban put in place? Also, now that they are allowing people to travel to certain areas, is he able to justify his reasons for not traveling immediately with proof from the hospital? Side-note: He has no insurance since he isn’t from here, so if they do not approve him for emergency medical assistance or the hospitals charity program, he’ll have a bill. Does this impact any future endeavors with immigration? For example: Being petitioned for by a family member/spouse.
  11. Thank you for your replies everyone. I am definitely going to be weighing out the pros and cons. I honestly might just err on the side of caution and just postpone this trip when there’s not so much uncertainty going on. Although there were a lot of good experiences shared, I’m afraid to be that one horror story by chance. I appreciate those of you who shared your experiences and insight. I’ll keep everyone updated if I do decide to travel. Thank you again! 😊
  12. Thank you for sharing. I’m hoping we don’t have any issues either. I’m guessing that memo was included in there as a “F.Y.I” but it just made us feel uneasy about even attempting to travel.
  13. I was hoping the same, maybe if we’re together it won’t be too much of a hassle, but I guess we won’t know until we actually attempt. Please keep me updated if you do travel with the green card soon.
  14. Thank you for your response. Yea, I figured it would be the same for the green card until he applies for ROC, so thank you for clarifying that for me. I’m more concerned than he is honestly. No, he has not done anything that renders him inadmissible, but I guess I’ve been reading too many horror stories on here about people being detained and having to go the extra mile to prove their status. If the chances are small then maybe I may continue to plan our trip. I’m seeing we must travel with our MC, NOA’s for all applications & passport? Is there anything else we should have on us just in case?
  15. My husband just received his EAD/AP combo card and it came with a memo basically stating, although this gives permission to fly internationally, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee entry back into the US if CBP deems you a public charge or not warranted to enter. This makes us hesitant to even attempt to travel before receiving the actual green card. Who wants to worry about having to prove you’re able to enter the US again the whole time you’re out of the country? A lot of AP posts I’m reading are from years ago, do anyone have any recent experiences to share? I wanted to plan a trip later on in the year, granted things get under control with this pandemic, but I’m hesitant to do so after reading that memo.
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