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  1. Hello everyone, I’m now starting the process for K2 since I don’t want the year timeframe to expire for my stepson. Especially since I read he has to have visa in hand by that time, not just be interviewed. Can anyone tell me what’s the longest anyone waited to book an interview date in USTravelDocs when it stated there’s no appts available? I’ve been checking for a couple of days now and still nothing.
  2. Hi gigi, What does your status say on the USCIS website? Did you create an account to track your case status? It usually give you a date and explanation of actions taken on your case, maybe it’ll give you more timestamp details than the letters.
  3. Hi they’re not open since it’s Veterans Day, but have you already booked an interview? I’m trying to book one for my stepson but the website keeps saying there’s no appts available. I wonder how long until they start displaying appts again even if it’s appts after the new year, I need to solidify a date.
  4. @Greenbaum Also what are you referring to when you say “I would recommend it then there isn’t questions”? Are you referring to my husbands son going with a trusted adult ?
  5. Yes I’m aware my family keeps me updated, which is why I’m trying to secure an interview date now since our year would be up in April of 2020. Especially since he has to be approved and have his visa before that year window closes. Thanks for checking in though 😊
  6. Thank you, I created a new profile and will be paying the visa fee today. Either his godfather or my uncle out there will be bringing him to the interview. Is there anything they need to do before being his representative for their interview? Also do you know if I have to fill out an affidavit of support for K2’s? They didn’t ask for it for my husband but I’m wondering if they’ll as for his son. Maybe I should do one just in case?
  7. Sorry if this confused you. We’re doing a follow to join. I haven’t really started anything yet so I didn’t add to my timeline. My husband came in on a K1 and now we’re filing for his son (K2). We’re ready to begin the process for his son (my stepson), but I want to know do I have to make a new USTravelDocs profile for his son to pay the visa fee or may I use the profile I already had when I was going through my husbands K1 process. We already filled out the DS-160 and everything for his son.
  8. Example.....it’s showing the last interview from last year that I booked for my husband (who is now in the states) but with his sons name.
  9. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Do I have to create a whole new profile in USTravelDocs for my husbands son in order for us to pay the visa fee and schedule the interview? Or am I able to just use the one I already had for my husband. I already input all of his sons info in the old one and they gave me a cash Payment receipt, but for some reason when clicking the “Interview History” tab, the old interview I originally scheduled for my husband in the past shows his sons name instead of his. Even though I haven’t even scheduled anything for his son yet. I don’t want to make any mistakes and end up having to pay a 2nd visa fee, so if anyone can please let me know what others have done or if you’ve experienced this. Thank you.
  10. Okay, I’ve reread everything and I know I have to wait to file I-485 after our son arrives in K2. But just to be sure, since I feel like I’m still a little confused, I should not be filing anything for our son as of right now, correct? Once he arrives on the K2 I can then file i485, I-765, & I-131. I should only send anything pertaining to AOS for my husband only, right? I apologize in advance if my questions seem repetitive, I rather ask and be clear then name a mistake or make this process longer for us. Thank you.
  11. Yes, as soon as I send off AOS which is this week, we will be moving forward with the K2 process in order for us to have enough time for visa to be issued before the year time limit is over. I know his AOS won’t be complete anytime soon. question: so you’re saying I should fill out an EAD for the K2 beneficiary as well? Even though he’s 8 & not here yet? I was already filing all these forms for my husband but you’re saying to also do one for my stepson? Please clarify, thank you.
  12. Oh my husband application will have all of these forms submitted with his I-485 I was referring to his son not needing an EAD since he’s underage if I were to add him as a derivative, which I now know I can’t since he isn’t here yet.
  13. He entered late May of this year & we married in July. He’s currently out of status which I know all the consequences for, but we’re filing now.
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