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  1. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    I agree, I’ve donated to so many funds in the past that ended up being fraudulent and never get to the actual people in Haiti that I don’t trust a lot of fundraisers now. I hope the funds are really going to her though.
  2. AP definitely sucks. Been in AP since September 2018 & I haven’t had a date change since November 5th, 2018. Only date change from Janurary was due to an embassy email response after my congressman made an inquiry on my behalf. At least yours changed from immigrant to non-immigrant though! Usually that’s a great sign. I hope your AP comes to a positive conclusion and you’re with your loved one soon. 🤗
  3. In most cases when a visa is bound to be issued the CEAC status will go from AP-Ready-sometimes back to AP- Issued. But since you said they don’t have his passport then it can just mean you’re still in AP but with a “Ready” status. That’s normal, it happens to a lot of other people on VJ as well. Hopefully they ask for the passport to be turned in soon cause that’ll mean they approved the visa. A good sign is when your case creation of October, 2018 changes to a current date and the title changes from immigrant visa to nonimmigrant. Usually means they processed your visa app and will most likely issue soon.
  4. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    Even if the slip expires I think the worst that can happen is that you’ll just have to redo the DS160, but for a more accurate answer I think you should call the NVC & ask.
  5. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    @100%pozitiF#love The thing is though even if the people “vote” they don’t even really count ballots correctly or take into account the whole country because it’s impossible to really have a system where the Haitian people choose their leader. Mw vreman kwe moun politik yo sel chwazi nepot moun yo vle. But it is true that no matter what president they get they end up hating them. As horrible as this sounds & I’m pretty sure a lot of Haitians won’t agree with me cause we’re such prideful people, but pou etazini oubyen yon Lot peyi Pwan kontwol ayiti paske tout ayisyen ki jwen pouvwa sanble tankou vole yo ye. I don’t see any other solution if Haitians can’t put their heads together to manage crisis without destroying the country. Moun ap soufri trop.
  6. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    Are they not doing Medicals due to what’s going on or you personally haven’t done it yet?
  7. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    It’s so sad how bad it is in Haiti right now. As much as I’m thinking about wanting my case to hurry up and be completed, it hurts to know what my people are going through over there and what they’re fighting for. Although I don’t agree with how they’re doing it in such a violent manner, that’s the only way they believe their voices will be heard. Let us continue to pray and hope for better days not only for us and this stressful journey but for the people of Haiti as well who are striking for basic needs. May we all get through this journey eventually and be able to look back at how our experiences helps those to come. For those with upcoming interviews I pray it goes as planned, runs smooth and ends in an approval, in Jesus name Amen!! 🤗
  8. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    @IssaCaptureFL We definitely could’ve been each other’s support system because we’ve been going through it as well. The Haitian government is sooo bad & they don’t care about anyones personal agenda. They only care about their money & that’s it. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to vent or talk anything out. Hopefully you get a speedy response after all that mess you went through. Good luck & God bless!
  9. I believe as long as you already booked your interview then the embassy will /can automatically extend that validity date for you. I would suggest sending an email to your embassy and asking about it. I’m not too sure on the specifics so hopefully another more experienced VJ member can give you an answer.
  10. gsdc23

    HAITI consulate

    Everyones case is different. For some people it took 2 weeks, some 1 month, some even more. It all depends on what occurs during that time the case is put into AP after the interview. If you’ve been waiting a while & wondering about your case maybe contact the embassy through email to find out.
  11. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    @IssaCaptureFL OMG, I’m so sorry you had to go through all that ! Trust me I feel exactly what you’re going through because my fiancé had to return his divorce archive 3 times before receiving the correct one. Luckily he knew someone who worked in there so it was a quick turnaround time, but that still took about 2-3 weeks with knowing someone. I’m confused as to why they would ask for the marriage certificate? That’s so weird. I’m not sure if you or your fiancé have kids but I feel like when there’s both a previous marriage AND kids involved in a Haitian union they make things more difficult and ask for extra unnecessary documents. The protests in Haiti are delaying soooo much right now. If anyone is put into extended AP or if they need to verify/ do any field investigations to complete a case they are taking FOREVER due to all the chaos in Haiti right now. I pray those who have their interview coming up receive on the spot approvals & speedy visa delivery’s because anything put to the side for further review/processing will be there for a while. I had my interview back in September as well, submitted additional docs early October. My case updated about 3-4 times, after that they haven’t touched my case since Nov. 5th. My CEAC only updated on Jan 4th after my congressman made a congressional inquiry. They are deff using the chaos in Haiti as a reason to take their sweet time so DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING & go prepared! If you think you “might” need it, BRING IT!
  12. gsdc23

    Apply k1 visa

    No one advised them to commit anything fraud-like. I only advised for the K1 if the Religious ceremony was somewhat of an engagement party or a large event that looks like a wedding but it’s just an event for the family before they do their official wedding, but if this is in fact a wedding in that culture then yes they definitely do not qualify for a K1 visa. CR1 is definitely the only option. I said the “if they still choose to go the K1 route...” part only after I expressed that if the ceremony does not count as a them being married. If it does then CR1 is the only route. There’s people who get denied all the time for events that look like weddings when its really just a celebration of their engagement. Which is why I said not to share any photos like that. I would never suggest that they hide anything that represents an actual marriage. So I apologize if all you read was me advising them to commit any fraud, that was not my intent.
  13. gsdc23

    Apply k1 visa

    If it was just a religious ceremony where you didn’t actually exchange vows or anything and you’re not officially married, then yes you may still proceed with the K1. If anyone advertised those pictures and/or they’re tracebale the CO at the embassy might/will find out & see you as too married for a k1 and deny it. I would suggest you go the CR1 route since it seems as though you already want to get married, plus the spousal visa is more beneficial. If you still choose to go the K1 route...DO NOT ADD ANY OF THOSE RELIGIOUS CEREMONY PICTURES IN THE PETITION. Anything showing a wedding like event, ring exchanges, or even both of you wearing the same clothes will make you look too married to the CO which will result in a denial. It’s crazy cause even if religious ceremonies happen to be the norm in your country the embassy officials still question it. Good luck and God bless.
  14. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    Yes, amen to that! 🙌🏿 Thank you! 🤗
  15. gsdc23

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    Also, if anyone had an interview tomorrow, it has been cancelled due to all the protests & security reasons in Haiti.