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  1. I became a US citizen last week and immediately applied for a US passport using the standard speed, since i didn't have any plans to travel. I just found out that my work wants me to travel internationally next week for some important business. My US passport isn't scheduled to arrive for another 8 or so weeks. In the meantime, can I use my British passport to exit and enter the US? If not, what's the best course of action?
  2. Okay so this is really embarrassing, but I double checked my informed delivery email and noticed it was dated 11/13/2020 and not 2021. I just so happened to get a notice from USCIS on the exact same day last year. When I checked my email yesterday, it displayed an informed delivery email from a year ago?! Thanks Apple Mail! LOL I feel really stupid, relieved
  3. I'll let you all know what letter it is next week. I'm guessing the only thing it could be is an approval confirmation letter, but I've never seen one of those sent out before. I don't think it's a RFE, I googled around and it looks like those are not 1 page either.
  4. Definitely not asking the community to be soothsayers. I'm asking people, who are more knowledgeable than me, what the notice could be based on what documents are historically sent out after an N400 interview that are 1 page long. You're right, either way I should be fine if I wait to open it until next Sunday. Fingers crossed it's good news and not a RFE. A RFE would be strange considering it says I was approved in my online portal.
  5. I got a "decision cannot be made" because on my N400 application I said that I was living at 2 addresses at the same time back in 2017. I explained that itwas because my in-laws are divorced and have their own houses, me and my wife used to move between the two houses every few weeks and the interviewer found that suspicious. He said the reason he couldn't approve me on the spot was due to my prior living situation. He said he was going to do some more digging and if everything was okay he'll approve me, if not he said I'll get a RFE. However, i just got notification today that I was recommended for approval so getting a RFE doesn't make sense...
  6. Sadly no, I have a hold on my mail at the post office. I won't be able to find out until next Sunday. Is a RFE usually 1 page?
  7. Got it, but is it a letter saying an oath WILL be scheduled, or a letter giving me a date to appear for oath?
  8. I'm not seeing the letter in my online account. I received my interview notice online so this is strange. Generally how far out is the oath after receiving the letter? as long as its not next week ill be okay
  9. I completed my N400 interview a couple weeks ago. I'm now visiting my parents for a week and saw that I received a 1 page letter from USCIS via informed delivery. I can see that the notice date is the date I applied for citizenship. I also received an online notification today - "your oath will be scheduled". I'm just wondering what this letter could be? Could it be the date I must appear for my Oath? Or is there generally another letter before this? I'm just worried I might have an a oath scheduled for next week! Thanks
  10. I ended up driving back to get my original documents. i didn’t get home until 3am that night. My interview was at 9am so I had to wake up at 6am to get there on time since I had to drive through crazy Chicago rush hour traffic. I was EXHAUSTED! I drove back home to get all my original documents, but my interviewer didn’t need them. The only new documents I gave him were some new joint bank statements. I brought originals of everything and I asked if he needed them, he said “no I’ve already got all those docs in your case”. My interviewer wasn’t very nice and really dug into my case, but everything went well and I just got notice that my oath ceremony will be scheduled
  11. Awesome, that's a good idea. I'll bring my tax 2020 and 2019 tax transcripts!
  12. I was waiting over a year for any movement in my N400 case. I decided to visit family in the US for a couple months and didn’t expect to get an interview during my trip. I can’t leave any earlier because I have a very important doctors appointment as I need surgery. This appointment is 2 days before my N400 interview. I land in Chicago (location of interview) at 11pm and my interview is at 9am the next day. This is a huge priority but it’s just been unfortunate timing. Im hoping I can bring the original documents that I have on hand and that be enough. It sounds like they don’t check additional documents at the interview. My I-751 case was already approved so I don’t see why they’d need to see proof of marriage since the conditions on my residence have already been removed.
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