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  1. This is an interesting perspective. The couple of people I spoke to (immigration lawyer and a person who worked with USCIS/CBP system previously) made it sound like there isn't much direct communication between the embassy/CBP/USCIS (CBP sees the issued visa on their side and embassy is the one that's processing the visa) and that my parents should be granted entry given they convince the CBP officer that they will return after a 2 month stay. So as long as they have a valid visa, the status of the visa renewal should not affect their current visa status but it's always tricky with CBP. Thanks for pointing this out so I can prepare my parents to tackle this question. They are ESL speakers and I want to prepare them ahead of time as much as I can. Unfortunately, the death occurred in the home country and not the US, so I'm not sure if the embassy will consider this an emergency appointment given the reason they want to visit the US is so that they can be with their child in a time of loneliness.
  2. SusieQQQ is correct. I had just started the process of adjusting my status to LPR when my parents got their visa renewed last. Since then, I've gotten LPR and citizenship. I wasn't sure why they were called for an interview this time given they were advised to use dropbox for future renewals (I assumed maybe it was COVID related or because my younger sibling also interviewed with my parents in the past to travel as a family unit) but the status change makes sense to me. Thanks for pointing that out as I will also need to prep my family on this coming up as a potential question during CBP questioning.
  3. The embassy did not stamp a cancellation stamp on their passports that's why I'm hopeful that they will be able to travel and enter based on their current visa but I will wait to hear back from the embassy before purchasing their tickets. Thank you for your response.
  4. Confirmation was a poor word choice. What I meant is that the fact that they have applied for visa renewal while having a valid visa could be a potential problem for entry if the CBP system shows that their application is pending but I don't know if the embassy and CBP communicate directly or regularly.
  5. Hello, Does anyone know if a person can visit the US with a valid B1/B2 visitor visa if the have applied for a visa renewal and their application is pending/admin processing? Basically, there was a death in my immediate family and to absorb the shock and trauma and communally grieve, I want my parents to come visit me for a few months. They have a B1/B2 visitor visa that's valid until January 2022. A few months ago, because of the delay with COVID-related embassy closures and visa processing time, they applied for a B1/B2 visa renewal with the hopes that the visa would be approved sometime this year and they could visit at the end of this year. They've applied and renewed B1/B2 a few times before and were previously told that they could submit their documents through a dropbox and would not have to go through a consular interview process. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this time they got a notice saying that the embassy was unable to waive their interview requirement and their visa is refused under 221(g) and will require an in-person interview in order to be completed. Previously, when I had applied for a visa renewal while my current visa still had validity, the embassy would stamp a big "canceled without prejudice" on the visa that was close to expiring/old visa, and stamp a new visa with a new expiration date. Their current visitor visa with the expiration date in Jan 2022 is as-is on their passport and was not stamped as canceled. My question is, will my parents be able to visit me in the US on the basis of the visitor visa that's currently valid even if they have applied for a visitor visa renewal which is currently not being processed due to COVID-related embassy closures? I am really hoping to have my family with me so we can grieve together but I am hesitant to buy their tickets without getting a confirmation that CBP/USCIS will let them into the US based on their current visa and not refuse entry because they have applied for a new visitor visa. I emailed the consulate as well but they take 3-10 business days to respond and I am imagining this is probably longer because of COVID. Thanks for any input!
  6. Completed my naturalization process with the oath ceremony on Jan 26th. Journey started in July 2020. They did the bare minimum required in order to naturalize because of COVID so we took the oath and pledged allegiance to the flag and were handed our certificates and headed home. Very quick process, a little bit sad as it was no family allowed or gathering of lots of people (USCIS rep said they usually have about 500 people in a group at a national historical landmark for the ceremony and we had maybe 15 or 20 in the room that day). They usually make a big celebration out of the final step but it was not possible because of COVID. All the best to everyone else still waiting and hope things move quicker! (Also, I thought they usually play the welcome to the US as a citizen video by the President but that didn't happen for us, maybe because of COVID as well).
  7. As an FYI before anyone panics, the new civics test will be used for filers filing for their N-400 on or after December 1st, 2020. So most of us should still be using the 2008 (100 question, 6/10 right) version, not the 2020 version (128 questions, 12/20 right but will be asked all 20 questions). See under important update for naturalization: https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/find-study-materials-and-resources/study-for-the-test P.S. wanted to post this because majority of the news pieces I've read mention the December 1st date but have failed to mention that it is for cases filed starting December 1st, not interviews scheduled on or after December 1st. It can be confusing and a little shocking if you don't read the details on the USCIS website.
  8. You're not. The waiting game for USCIS and different pace of the field offices is already an unknown black box. For people who've gone through USCIS processing a few times before, I think they understand patience is key but for others, comparing their case timeline to someone else (even if they're in completely different parts of the US with difference processing centers) and if their case is only intermittently updated, I think it gives a sense that something is amiss. I posted a comment on here a while ago essentially saying that this is how USCIS has worked and COVID has made things much more difficult, so if anything, we should expect things to take much longer than usual. Of course we should ask for things to be more efficient and transparent moving forward, but it is what it is for now. I was actually surprised by how quickly things progressed for me (after waiting for a long time for GC and RoC) and I live in a big city so the field office is very busy. My biometrics was reused from ~2 years ago from RoC and my interview is scheduled for the first week in December already, so only took about 4.5 months from submission to interview, which from N-400 standards might be slow especially compared to 4-8 years ago, but is still much faster than any other USCIS processing I've gone through. Also, there are some posts suggesting that if you call USCIS, somehow your case will jump queue, and for anyone who has dealt with USCIS before, they know that this is not the case and you can't just jump your queue by calling. I think what's happening now is that interviews are starting to be scheduled slowly and people are correlating the phone calls with getting interview dates/movement in their case, but correlation does not mean causation. Might be true for some folks who might've gotten RFEs or lost notices in the mail or what not but I think it is just sheer coincidence. All the best!
  9. Received letter in the mail saying they will reuse my Biometrics so no need for ASC appointment and will use that for background check. Don't see this updated on myuscis. Not sure if it's because of site maintenance or something that'll never get updated. My last biometrics was about 2 years ago for RoC.
  10. There are perhaps people on this sub who did not go through RoC or another longer waiting process but I am perplexed at folks still putting a lot of faith in the case completion times, especially during a pandemic induced field office/ASC location shutdown and budget concerns for the USCIS. If anything, why wouldn't we anticipate things to take longer than usual? And we know there isn't much we can do besides wait, and can't open cases until your're outside the case completion time which can be a few months to 20+ months. You'll keep getting generic messages until you're outside your estimated case completion time window. It's a wait game that we've played before for other USCIS change in status/applications, why get antsy now? I apologize for the directness of what I'm saying but the forum is supposed to be helpful to keep track of how others regions are doing to see how cases might be moving at different paces in different parts of the country but the constant "why is my date moving" questions and comments are truly tiresome.
  11. Mine went up from either 6 or 9 months (can't remember) to 16 months. I think the latest processing time update must've taken into account the delays because of the pandemic closures and any furloughs that happened. As long as we get to vote in the 2024 election, I suppose.
  12. I see GC, birth certificate/passport for USC, and marriage certificate under required documents tabs. The tax transcript, for me, shows up in the additional documents tab but it does say on that page that you can either submit it now or bring it with you to the interview.
  13. I'm cross-checking my travel dates on my calendar and i-94 but some of my travel history isn't reflected on the i-94 so I think you should go by what will be the most accurate. IRS doesn't mail tax transcripts anymore and you can download a PDF copy from the IRS website, then upload the PDF copies to the online N-400 if submitting online or print out in paper filing. All the best!
  14. I'm only sending the documents that are listed on the instruction sheet, i.e. copy of green card, marriage certificate, USC's birth certificate or passport, and tax transcript for 3 years. I just got approved for RoC and as much as people want to send in every possible document for LPR paperwork, I think it's safe to keep to the guidance listed. Online it gives a chance to provide additional documents but I don't know how necessary this is. Might be different for a couple who has had AoS or RoC interviews vs ones who've skipped the interview process so far.
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