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  1. Nachdem wir im Juni 2017 den K1-Prozess gestartet haben, hab ich nun eeeendlich seit dem 27.02.2019 meine Green Card! Ich kann es noch gar nicht fassen!!! An alle, die noch mittendrin stecken: Kopf hoch und durchhalten. Ihr schafft das und es lohnt sich!💪❤️
  2. I had my interview on February 19th and my medical was over a year by then. The Lady who did the interview asked for a new medical. Our attorney told her that there is no need for a new medical because we filed my AOS long before my medical expired and that the medical only has to be valid when you file AOS. The Lady said she had to double check the law and wasn't able to approve us right away. 3 days later we got the approval letter and a week later I got my Green Card. Don't worry.🍀 Sorry, little bit in a rush....
  3. I don't have to redo mine because I´m still in time. To be honest, I´m not sure... I always thought that it´s valid for a year and you have to redo it if your interview is later. But if you look at what @LizM posted you are ok if you´ve filed your I-485 within a year.
  4. Wir haben im Juni 2017 das I-129f weggeschickt, im Januar 2018 das NOA2 bekommen, mein Visum hatte ich am 04.04 und am 21.04.2018 bin ich dann in die USA gezogen. Heute haben wir den Interview-Termin für das GC-Interview bekommen. Es ist der 19.02.!! Es zieht sich alles ziemlich lange hin, aber das Forum hier und die vielen tollen Mitglieder hier haben mir sehr geholfen. Man weiss einfach, dass man nicht alleine ist, in dieser Situation. Ganz viel Glück und viel Geduld🍀😅
  5. We just received the interview notice. It´s February 19th, 186 days after the "case was ready to be scheduled for an interview". Soooo excited!😍
  6. Thank you!!! Believe me, this whole process has turned me into a kind of anxious and very, very patient person too. I was in Germany for 3 weeks and yes, I was a little nervous about the reentry. But it felt sooo good to see everybody😍 No, I didn´t ask, but I will check online.
  7. Congratulations on receiving your combo card. I got mine in December and traveled to Germany for Christmas. I was a little nervous about the re-entry too, but everything worked out fine. I took all the documents with like marriage certificate and all the NOA2s. The experience at customs with re-entering was actually pretty similar to the initial entering with the K1 Visa. They brought me to a separate room, took my passport and my combo card and did some checks. They didn't want to see any document and didn't ask any questions. Very smooth. There´s no need to worry.
  8. I would try again to talk to a Tier2. You and I we have a similar timeline and the Tier1 I talked to didn't say anything about waiting for 30-60 days. I guess it just depends on the Tier1 you got on the phone... Edit: Oh, I´m sorry. Just saw that you´ve already got the approval letter...
  9. This happened to us too. First we got the approval letter around ten days ago and today the card arrived.
  10. Just got a case tracker update. Approval date was November26th and the card was mailed November 30th. I waited exactly 6 months!!! I do hope the card will be here soon...
  11. No, I haven't received my EAD yet. I called yesterday and was able to talk to a Tier 2 Lady. She was super friendly, very helpful and told me that my EAD was approved two days ago. No news concerning AP...
  12. @KBA just looked at your timeline and saw you guys are making progress! I´m so happy for you! All the best for your interview! What a journey...!
  13. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum NOA2🎉 Ja, Du kannst Deinen Verlobten mitnehmen. Mein Schatz war auch dabei. Er braucht nur seinen amerikanischen Pass. Alle sind super nett dort! Anfang Februar könnte klappen, aber ich würde noch nichts buchen. Nach dem NOA2 geht zwar alles sehr viel schneller, aber sicher sagen kann man es leider nicht...
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