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  1. Hi, yes, he got his in March. Please call the USCIS and when you get their stupid voice system, say "Appointment", it'll ask you for what, just say ceremony. Then when you get someone, tell them you'd like to speak to a level two officer and explain to them your situation. They'll likely put you on a call back list and you'll get a call later that day or the next day When you get the level two person, explain everything to them and ask them what's going on and tell them how long you've been waiting. Ask them to investigate the status of the case and give you an update. How long ago did you file and when was the last activity?
  2. Hello. Still waiting o...tried calling last week but the call was dropped after waiting over 30 minutes to reach someone
  3. Let's start with your need to work. You've expressed that you're financially dependent on him and he doesn't want you to work. There seems to be some power dynamics involved here already so we can't just overlook this. It sounds like it's perhaps a better idea to take a break from working or to work from home? Do you not want to be home all day? Do you find yourself wanting breaks? If so there's nothing wrong with this so I'd say be honest with yourself first. Secondly, has his abuse been frequent or been long running or are they more recent? You said it's not the first time but how frequent are these incidents? Idk this seems trivial. If you're just waiting for your license, I'd suggest you just wait it out for a couple of months. What you can do is get a driving training service on some evenings. They'll pick you up and teach you to drive then you can take your driver's test when ready. Something tells me this is more than just about work because work seems trivial. I certainly wouldn't want to be waking up a kid every night or even consider leaving any at home alone. That's insane.
  4. Thank you. I'd advise you to get in contact with them. Are you waiting for a letter or just for processing? My brother's case still hasn't updated on his status tracking so the status you're seeing might not even be the current one. For instance, it seems like if your case is just waiting for a date to be sworn in, it may not update until that date is set.
  5. Hi, yes, an email came in confirming that he is in line to be scheduled for a ceremony. We just don't know exactly when...
  6. My brother filed his N-600 since 2019 March and after being stuck on "processing" status for a year, then some challenges with us not getting the mail they supposedly sent in June and finally getting them to email the request for initial evidence letter, we spoke to the USCIS today and the Tier 2 agent said my brother is currently on queue to be scheduled for a ceremony...But we filed the N600 and from what I'm seeing, there's no ceremony for these ones? The agent said they seem to have everything they need on their end. On September 11 the case status said a request for more evidence was sent but we never received it which was why we called today. But the agent said no letter seems to have been sent at all and that he's not seeing anything generated on his end. But he did say that everything looks set and that he is on the queue for a ceremony??? Anyone have any insight or experience with this?
  7. Yes, my brother derived citizenship at birth but a CRBA was never filed. And yes, my brother is in the United States currently with a visiting visa
  8. Those people are ridiculous. It took a kind person to finally tell me last week to call in the morning and request to speak to a tier 2 person, who will then send an email of the letter they supposedly sent us two months ago. The person I called back in June somehow had something caught on their tongue and couldn't just say that. Smh. I can't even imagine how much money and time they waste.
  9. yes, when we called, they told us to file a N600....What a waste of time and money
  10. I believe we did. We found a bunch of missing evidences of address and travel this year when we were trying to apply for a passport for him. So, now we're going to mail all of those evidences with an explanation and we're also going to submit a passport application since that's what it says on this page: https://nl.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/child-family-matters/crba/ So I hope he gets it. Thanks for your prompt response.
  11. Hello, it's been over 16 months since filed my brother's N600 for his citizenship. They was no activity for almost a year then in June they said they mailed a request for initial evidence. We never got it. Today, I finally got someone to email a copy over to us, though we already missed the due date. We're still going to send the evidences. Should we be worried? Also, They're requesting for a permanent residence green card or proof of permanent residence, and also for proof of physical custody. My brother was born to my dad who was a citizen by then but he screwed up and never filed a report of birth back in 1998 so we were told by the USCIS to file a N600, so that's what we did... Why are they asking for a permanent residence status and what exactly is proof of custody? My brother is 21...and lived in Nigeria up until 2018
  12. Hello, did your husband file a N600 for his citizenship as a non-visa holder? My brother doesn't have a permanent residence and just filed when he came as a visitor and now they're asking for his permanent residence card and proof of physical custody. Did you already submit what they requested? how long did they take to respond afterwards?
  13. Hi! Sorry for the late response. Just saw this. We actually didn't receive the mail yet...It never came so we've requested it to be resent and we're still waiting. Idk what's going on. But good to know that's hopefully what they'll request from us. If this is what they're requesting, we're just going to send all of the things we were already going to submit for my brother's passport application...which include photocopies of my father's passport from when he arrived in the US, as well as his US passport and citizenship certifcate. We're also going to send marriage/divorce papers, all of his business addresses, credit reports, leases, rentals, etc...We're also sending old immigration applications and letters from the USCIS back then...
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