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  1. Hi all, It's been a while. I hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays I didn't want to think about this, but now that we're almost 6 months out from the EAD expiring, I've started to look at renewal. Planning on sending in paperwork in Feb but I've seen really mixed info on VJ about combo card renewals. There were posts from 2018 that were mentioning that when EAD expires, it is valid for 180 days after (automatic extension) but that the AP does NOT get this extension. I hadn't anticipated this, and we're planning on traveling to Belgium for the Christmas holidays in 2020. Can anyone else verify this info? I'm assuming that once the EAD is renewed, there would be a new combo card WITH a renewed AP, right? If the AP can be renewed, do we need to fill out JUST I-765 or both I-765 and I-131? TIA!
  2. Happy anniversary! Ours is coming up too. We're also waiting on the Seattle LFO for an interview. Unfortunately it seems like it could be another year or so before they get to us.
  3. Hey - I'm really sorry that you're dealing with this, it is an unbelievably frustrating spot to be in. I did want to just share my experience - we filed in November 2018 and were approved for EAD/AP after 256 days. We tried everything we could think of - requesting expedites, speaking with our congresswoman and senator, contacting USCIS and badgering them almost every week. Our politicians were next to useless, they said they couldn't do anything except for submit additional expedite requests on our behalf. We filed Service Requests after were out of the typical timeframe and we never received word about that either. All in all it honestly got us nowhere. We actually ended up doing a free legal consultation at around 240 days, because we couldn't handle it anymore. The woman we spoke with told us that our wait was unusual, but she also said that requesting expedites and getting our politicians involved had most likely ended up extending our wait by about 2 months. She honestly believed that we would have been approved 1-2 months quicker if we had just left things as they were. I know there are definitely cases where it benefits people or has appeared to benefit them to request expedites or check on their cases, but my suggestion is that if you don't seem to be getting anywhere that way, just stop. Waiting is terrible but I guess it's possible that attempting to speed the process up will only slow it down. I hope you receive good news soon ❀️
  4. Wow, it was scheduled quickly! That's amazing!! BIG congrats to you, you've been waiting for so long. But after you get through that interview you won't have to worry about immigration stuff for a good long time good luck!
  5. Awh, thank you!! we're very excited Hope things have been going well for you these past few months!
  6. thank you i did get the tracking number this morning. i suppose i'm just so wary of USCIS at this point that the slightest deviation from "normal" freaks me out.
  7. Does anyone know if getting multiple NOAs (for the same forms) is a problem? We received an NOA for EAD and one for AP. Both notice dates were August 6th. We just received two MORE NOAs for the same forms today. Everything is the same except the notice date is now August 7th. I'm thinking it's just a system glitch but I haven't heard this happen to anyone else.
  8. I'm sorry πŸ˜” calling USCIS is so frustrating. We stopped bothering after they repeatedly led us around in circles. I hope you have good news soon.
  9. Yeah the service requests/inquiries/blah blah are just . I don't even know why they still have those options because clearly they do nothing. UGH. Well if you get scheduled soon, that would obviously be awesome. But I'm still holding out hope that you get your EAD/AP approval soon! It seems like they've been getting through the November stragglers pretty steadily (when I check the casetracker for 500 cases above and below mine).
  10. Thank you!! Yes my husband is so excited about the idea of working, haha. To answer your question, if I remember correctly we filed a request to expedite EAD in May. We did not really have a valid reason, but tried on the basis of financial loss, since we'd heard that some people had success. We never heard back even after we sent evidence. So then we thought maybe the evidence got lost, and I re-faxed everything, which incidentally opened up a brand new expedite request. So if someone was to look at our account, there are 2-3 expedite requests (the third one was initiated by a USCIS officer, although they didnt tell us that that was what they were doing, since all we wanted was someone to check on the status of our FIRST request). The lawyer we spoke with assumed that each of those requests added time. I don't know if the inquiry (meaning the out of processing times inquiry) slows things down or not. That isn't clear to me. We did file an inquiry for both EAD and AP as soon as we could. If I were you, I would definitely do the inquiries but maybe not expedite.... that was the recommendation we had from this lawyer, anyway. I know how frustrating it is when all you can do is wait, but I'm also kicking myself now since the lawyer said we might have had our documents ~1 month earlier if we had left it alone. I would agree with this plan. I was really mad when I found out about this, because USCIS told us MULTIPLE times that requests did not affect processing times. Hopefully yours will be on the way soon ❀️ Thank you so much!!!! And thank you for being patient with my griping, angry posts. This community has been such a support, I would have lost my mind without it.
  11. EAD card is being produced!! Day 256. Finally. We are obviously over the moon - but I know there are plenty still waiting so my thoughts are with you all ❀️ We actually spoke with an immigration lawyer (free consultation) yesterday, prior to being notified that the card was being produced. She was very friendly and helpful, and was also puzzled by the long processing time. She said it's possible that our requests a few months ago for expedited EAD slowed things down - maybe up to a month. She explained that each time an expedite is requested, the documents change teams and/or offices, which inevitably slows things down. This is NOT what USCIS told us. She recommended that we discontinue contacting USCIS at all until after August 8th, which was the date USCIS said we would likely hear back regarding our inquiry about out of processing times AP. I don't know if any of this is helpful, but thought I would share it just in case.
  12. Wow, I'm so sorry you've been through all of that. It just sounds mentally exhausting. Seattle also has a huge wait time to interview so I sympathize with that piece - sucks when the combo card is really your only way out for over a year. I'm glad you have friends visiting, although I suppose it maybe doesn't seem like the trip you had in mind when you planned it. I hope you still have a nice time. At the very least, it'll probably help take your mind off of all of this for a bit! Maybe by the time they leave, you'll have your combo card. One can only hope, yes?
  13. 9.5 months? Jesus. I don't know...that's just....I would say "crazy", but I also that 6-8 months was crazy before it happened too. Hope my hubby doesn't see that because he'll lose it.
  14. "Third" this. πŸ•›πŸ•πŸ•‘πŸ•’πŸ•“πŸ•”πŸ••πŸ•—πŸ•˜πŸ•™πŸ•š
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