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  1. Aw thank you~ Fingers crossed! Sure hope so!
  2. URAAAA! Congratulations to both of you!!! Your wait is finally over. I just received my extension letter dated 8/18/18 so I guess that means they will be taking their time to get me approved...Oh well. I'll wait as long as it's smooth. Happy for you 😉
  3. I got mine too. Only it's too late. I already got my I551 stamp. Hopefully our approval time is coming soon, for all of us 😃
  4. I know. maybe I'll get a crazy nice birthday present hahaha. Mine is in December
  5. Perfect! Thank you for your answer. I called USCIS yesterday freaking out about it, spoke with a very nice gentleman. He suggested what you said, bring my marriage certificate, just in case..He said to bring a couple of passport photos, because if there IS an issue with putting that stamp in my passport, they will give me a I-94 and they have to attach a photo to it. That's what I'm going to do, JUST in case. You never know. I'm just mad at myself now, because I apparently I could have gone to a SS office and with my green card asked to get that "with DHS authorization" restriction removed....I didn't know..UGH. Oh well...All this mess and wait should be over soon...I'm the lucky CSC filer. LOL
  6. Question guys! Or ladies I should say : ) Has anyone gone to get I 551 stamp, but has a maiden name in their passport? When I went a month ago to get it done, my ISO didn't even look at my passport, she sent me away because I was too early. I have an infopass scheduled for July 31st. Accepted a new job and I have to show them a proof of work authorization, which that stamp will do. Thanks in advance
  7. NO Sh@#$T. Just frustrating...The way things are moving there, I'm not expecting any movement till late fall, EVEN THOUGH I'm very optimistic
  8. I wouldn't go before. I went on 6/15 to get a stamp ( mine expires August 4th ). The ISO I spoke with turned me down saying I'm too early and I will have to come back anytime after July 30th.
  9. Congratulations!! I got an auto update saying there is no updates and last time they took action on 4/18...Same date as last month. Oh well. Congrats to all the approved ones
  10. Congratulations!!! VSC I assume?
  11. Thank you. I definitely will be. By my birthday I should be FREEEEEEEEEEE