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  1. I know right! I had to go through all that security checks cos I travelled and worked in Erbil Kurdistan (happens to be in Iraq)
  2. Hi guys, I just got done with my 2nd medical at St lukes Extension Clinic last friday and thankfully I passed. After 8 months and 3 weeks of waiting due to Long AP I got an email from the embassy in Manila for my 2nd medical. I just wanna know how long it takes for them to issue the visa after receiving the required action/medical result? How long did it take you to change your status from ap to issued? Since I received the email from them last june 8, I couldnt view my ceac status under the Immigrant visa but I can check it through the Non immigrant visa section using my ds160 barcode. Also, when I went to pick up my passport at the embassy last thursday for my repeat medical, the Filipino consul at window 36 (who gave me back my passport) advised me to submit my updated nbi clearance via 2Go, I got confused cos going back to the email they sent me only the new medical exam at st Lukes was being marked and nothing on the new nbi clearance. Either way, Id still submit them my updated nbi clearance on monday as the previous one has already outdated/expired. My 2nd question is can I still send it via 2go with the submission letter from the courier itself that I was adviced to print? If yes, do I still need to include the printed copy of the email the embassy sent me (which is only the required document for my new medical)? Sabi kase dapat kasama yung printed copy from the embassy’s email e yung nakamark lang naman dun is yung submission for my new medical at hindi yung para sa nbi clearance. Please help 🙏🏻
  3. Dear (my name) We have reviewed your file and determined that you must do the following to continue and conclude the processing of your visa application. After completing the requested action, you may view the status of your application at https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/. Please disregard the unmarked paragraphs. _X__ 1. You need to submit the document(s) marked below. The required 221(g) documents may be submitted at any 2GO drop-off branch with a copy of this letter and the 2GO Courier Submission Letter. This service is free of charge. Logon to http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph/, and click on the “Submitting 221(g) Documents” link to print your 2GO Courier Submission Letter. ___ 2. You need to schedule an appointment for another interview, and bring with you the document(s) marked below. Present this letter at the Consular Ticket Booth on the day of your scheduled appointment. Documents: ___ Completed new online DS-260 application forms and must be filled out online at https://ceac.state.gov/iv/ ___ Completed new online DS-160 application forms and must be filled out online at https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/ ___ DS-260/DS-160 online application form confirmation page for ______ ___ Visa Application Fee (or its peso equivalent) per applicant _X__ New medical report from St. Luke's Medical Center Extension Clinic for you. ___ NBI Clearance for _______ ___ Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) from your petitioner ___ Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) from a Joint Sponsor ___ Income Tax Returns (Form 1040), Wage Statements (Form W-2), and Proof of Current Employment from _____ ___ Original and photocopy of Visa Screen Certificate ___ U.S. notarized job availability on company letterhead from your employer ___ Valid passport and all expired passport(s) ___ Visa photos (2 copies, 2 x 2) ___ Eligible for conversion from ____. The Priority date is not within the present qualifying date for___. Your case will be returned to National Visa Center for safekeeping. _X__ Others: You may pick up your passport at the Embassy. Please proceed to the Embassy’s Immigrant Visa Special Services Window (Window 36) Mondays through Fridays (excluding U.S. and Philippine holidays) between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. You should present this letter to facilitate entry into the Embassy. Please also present this letter to the staff at Window 36 so that we may begin processing your case.
  4. Im from Manila. Im not from pakistan. My interview was on sep 14th 2017. So I dont have to go to the embassy and pick up my passport for my remedical? I called the lady at the embassy too and she told me I shld just bring the printed copy of the email notification I received from the embassy and just present it at the clinic but then I got confused cos look what they said on their email
  5. Hi Tarsha, you did your remedical right? Did you ask the embassy to send you bavk your pssport for your remedical?
  6. Hi guys. After 8 months and 3 weeks of waiting The Embassy sent me an email notifying me for my remedical. I just want to ask the embassy still has my passport, can I do the medical without it? Please answer me. Thank you
  7. Thank you for your response! If its mostly about social media activities why are they taking such a long time just to review our social medias. We can be cleared from that in just a day. When they say security checks how are they doing all this background check? Thru screening names from different databases of different agencies?
  8. Hey guys Im just curious when you say ds 5535 we are under security checks? And security checks means NAME CHECK? Please enlighten me 😔
  9. Hey guys Im just curious when you say ds 5535 we are under security checks? And security checks means NAME CHECK?
  10. My interview was on September 14,2017 submitted the form that same day and still under AP until now. I turned 6 months on ap last week. There's no update on my case yet 😔
  11. Can I ask you who did inform you that your case was being returned to USCIS? Is it the counsul? Is it someone from the embassy or just other informant outside? You have to be specific about the details, If it's the consul Officer or someone from the Embassy then it is indeed a denial, but if its not from the Embassy then you still have this little chance/hope.
  12. Congratulations! I worked in Iraq as well for almost 3 years and still under ap for 6 months now 😔 Whats your visa type?
  13. Yes I do check it everyday from mon-fri but its still under AP. I guess thats the main reason why we were put under AP. So sad that we all have to go through this, we're a lot of important events and occassions