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  1. My Mom lived here in Maryland (Montgomery County) for 5 years without insurance. She used to go to a community clinic and they gave her medications for her diabetes and high blood pressure for free. I only paid $15 per visit and the clinic referred her to specialists when she had kidney stones (gastroenterologist and other specialists I can't remember). Mammogram, colonoscopy and MRI were also free. She just needed to fill out a form saying she did not have any income. The clinic was "funded" by Catholic Charities. You should check with your local community clinic and explain your situation.
  2. Per Philippine Embassy in DC, I should apply for dual citizenship first before starting the Report of Birth. They responded to my message after 4 days. Thank you.
  3. Thanks...I guess my concern is, reporting her birth is different from when I reported my son's because I was not yet naturalized that time. This time though, I am already a US citizen prior to reporting her birth.
  4. Hello everyone. I hope someone here had been in a similar situation as mine and can answer my question. So, my husband is a US citizen and I was already a naturalized US citizen when my daughter was born but I would like her to have Philippine citizenship just like my son after reporting his birth before I got naturalized. I'm not really sure how to proceed. Is there anyone here who had been through this process? Thank you.
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