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  1. Is all open man,you need you green card at hand..they are recruiting everytime
  2. Navy reserve,it a kind of reserve navy,not participating full time in navy..but will go through whatever traning other navy officers go through,the same procedure in recruiting.
  3. Through military u can apply a year after joining the service
  4. I click yes,but i still went there and apply for my ssn,and it came in fast,you can choose not to do it.if u wait,it might take longer
  5. Hey guys,i know its been a while,i still flash back and remember how vj has happened me accomplish my dream.for new immigrants that is coming to US,as soon as you get here.go to any ssn office that is close to you and apply for your ssn card,i did mine a day after i get to US and it came in the mail within a week after applying it in their office...i paid for my green card after i get to US and it came in within three weeks after i apply,now i am lookong forward for my Navy officer program training in a week...once again thank you visa journey member and the officials,looking forward to apply for my citizenship next year October.
  6. Thanks zaynab Thanks Thanks Thanks sugaegetiti
  7. Hey guys, update I made it to US last week my porty of entry is new York( jfk),everything went smoothly the custom officer was funny and nice,he ask me about my address where my green card will be mail to t hats it and he stamp my passport then I went board my next flight..i wanna thank you guys with all the help I got in here....finally I'm help with my wife living together with my daughter..i pray for everybody approval speedy process to be with their loved ones..thanks guys
  8. @Don Godwin nvc is taking 7to 14 days to review case that's if you summit everything right.and as for the police report..u need to summit it with your iv package,That's photocopy of it and bring original to interview and i strongly recommend you to go to ikoyi alagbon state CID and get it next 1 to 2hrs,here is the officer number that did mine mr moses 08034091216 he charged me 7k and i was there the other officer charged an old lady 14k so just have 7 to 14k incase...goodluck
  9. Again Abies u misunderstood me..I can never mock u or anybody in here,that's a mistake and that's not what I mean..U have help me in the past by Answer ing my question when I need help..sorry that not what I mean..i can't mock u that u didn't get u visa which I know ur gonna get it...it not by my power that I'm approve it..it nothing but God favour.so won't say such thing to you
  10. I was email to come ģet it ..and please don't misunderstand me,I never say I'm the first to go through this process or the last,I only said I didn't register my marriage just like u said and was given my marriage certificate the same day after my wedding..my contribution was to the lady who need help to bring her husband with her..and nobody know it all..we all here to contribute to help one another
  11. I had my wedding in aba state and i didn't register anything...and to contribute my wife petition for me and we went through it and out successful and now i got my visa approved and in hand
  12. Lol i am and thank you,safe trip to your hubby too