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  1. New card is being produced today for EAD!! Gawwwd finally 😁😁 Received date: 9/06
  2. Any september filer who got approved of ead/ap yet? 😊😊😊
  3. They asked me too and i didn't have it, but they just proceeded anyways.
  4. Thank u so much. Aww sorry to hear that. Hope you get it soon 😊😊😊
  5. Perhaps it also differ from state to state.
  6. It's my first application.
  7. Didn't keep my maiden name. I applied with my married name.
  8. Oh sorry. Yeah they asked for the i 94 too. I received it 10 days later
  9. I applied for my ssn with my married name 2 weeks after the wedding. They only asked for my passport and marriage cert.
  10. Been on this status for 15 days now. Yep true good thing the weather is perfect 😊😊
  11. Hey guys!! Nice to see some of you again!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Anybody from Las Vegas here? I'm on 'ready to be scheduled for interview' status on my i 485 and 'fingerprint review completed' status on my ead. anxious as to how long this field office process petitions. Do you guys have any idea? Thanksss!!
  12. Hi guys!! Just anxious if we're doin this right and if we have all correct forms. I came in the US through a K1 Visa and we got married within 90 days and now we're filling for AOS and EAD. So here's what we have to be filed tomorrow. Please let me know if we're missing something. Thanksss!! AOS: 2 money orders ($ 1,225) Form G-1145 Form I-485 Beneficiary's passport bio page Beneficiary's visa and entry stamp Noa2 copy I-94 copy Beneficiary's birth certificate Marriage Certificate copy DS-3025 Form I-864 with 2017 Tax Return and W2 2 passport photos with name and alien no. At the back. EAD: Form G-1145 Form I-765 I-94 copy Beneficiary's passport bio page Beneficiary's visa and entry stamp Noa2 copy 2 passport photos And can I stack them all together? Or can I place them in 2 separate folders? Thank youuu!!
  13. Annaguilar


    Alright, thanks for the info!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  14. Annaguilar


    Oh oki. Thank you!!
  15. Annaguilar


    Omg thankss but unfortunately we already got the money orders and its also for free. We got 2. We figured we will just place it in a ziplock so it wont get lost.