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  1. After interview before POE...see attachment...best of luck!! How to Pay the Immigrant Fee.pdf
  2. Congratulations!!!! You give me hope for my husband interview soon in GYE.
  3. They are scheduling for May for some countries. I got mines today over the phone. If you have a CC call to check if you have an interview date. Good Luck to everyone!
  4. Just got our interview date too!!! Finally!! CC: March 6 Interview: May 9
  5. Hi, The consulates don't accept CD's or any type of electronic media. That's why there's a circle next to "other". Since it's your wedding video, just bring pictures of your wedding to the interview, don't worry. But other than you're good to go. Good Luck!
  6. Finally! 2nd SD: 02/09/2018 CC: 03/06/2018 Hopeful for a interview soon!
  7. Omg congratulations!!! Please if you can keep us posted on your interview date, I'm very interested in your case since we're from the same country. Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi, Lol yea Uncle Nebot, Thank you fro your help. I told my husband to get the certificates tomorrow, hopefully from the second SD it doesn't take so long to get a CC. Just want to get this whole process over with. So close to the finish line. Hope you're reunited very soon! If I may ask have you received an Interview date yet? Would like to know if the process is faster in Quito than in Guayaquil.
  9. Hi Guys, I have been checklisted at NVC, original SD: 12/20/2017. I called today to see status on application and the NVC rep told me that they need my marriage certificate and my husband's birth certificate (which was sent obviously) but they need it in a different form because the ones that were sent are not accepted. The NVC said wait for the email and it will explain what we need. Ok, so cutting right to the question is do i have to wait for the email? Or can i just send the documents since i already know what they need. Any help kindly accepted, thanks in advance!
  10. Hey Guys, I need help. If you are from Ecuador it would be better. So i just called NVC and they told me that today they finished reviewing my case. Buuuuuuuut they rejected my husband's (beneficary) birth certificate and our marriage certificate because they want to long form and i should wait for the email that explains more. I'm freaking out like craaaazzzyyyy. The representative first was very rude and just seems like he doesn't love his life and when he was explaining it to me he was rushing and then told me they need the long form, from the Registro Civil of Guayaquil (Civil Registry of Guayaquil). For my ecuadorian people, both forms were the forms given to us on the day we got married from the Registro Civil of Guayaquil. So im just confused, and im really hoping they just ask my husband to bring it on the day of the interview. If anybody has had a similar experience (would be awsesome from Ecuador) in any of your countries, help a girl out so she doesn't go crazy. Thanks!
  11. SD: 12/20/2017 ...i see other people with the same SD still waiting and others with SD after and have case complete. It's very frustrating the NVC process, i feel more than the first part at USCIS. Knowing you're so close to the finish line but there's something holding you from getting there. On the other hand congrats to everyone who has received CC, wish you all the best of luck!
  12. Yes they are, but if the shutdown continues for a long period of time it will end up affecting visa processing. God willing they can come to an agreement soon. Link below if you want to know. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/government-shutdown-impact-immigration-processes
  13. how do you get a scan date? I've called and the person on the line said "do you mean if we received your documents?"...I'm assuming that's the scan date that everyone is talking about, right?
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