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  1. Hi guys, the ceac website changed to ISSUED. How long will I wait before DHL notifies me to come and pick up my passport?
  2. Who is calling for you? How did you guys meet? How long has the petitioner been in US? HOW did the petitioner enter US? How often do you guys communicate with each other and through which mediuum? Have either of you been married before? Do you have any wedding pics here and can you show me? The address of your petitioner in US.
  3. Yeaaaaaaaah Congrats . Good news. Did they tell you when your passport will be returned to you?
  4. I sent it 16th. It was received on the 19th March Scanned into their system 21st
  5. So happy. It was closed this morning. Just confirmed. Hope interview date won't delay.
  6. Happy new month guys. Just checked my status. Says at NVC And the AOS line has disappeared. Hope it is case complete. Will call soon to confirm. Scan date 3/21
  7. It has be updated to PAID early hours of today. Thanks. I can now fill the ds260 form
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