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  1. Hello, My NVC journey hasn't started yet but I would like to be ready when the time comes. I am petitioning my mother I130, I am married, my husband and I fill taxes jointly, we have 2 toddlers and I don't work, I am a stay at home mom and a RN student. I see on uscis poverty guidelines that the required income for a household of 5 (counting my mom which is overseas) is around 38,400. My husband's yearly income is a little over 50k but his gross income or total income was 31k for 2018 and 29k for 2019. If we were able to report a little over the poverty guidelines for 2020, will we still need a co-sponsor? Do I need to fill a I864 for me with a income of 0, and a I864A with my husband's income or can I just include his income as if it was mine in I864? You will probably be asking yourself how I am going to support my mom financially once she is here. Well, when she is here my kids will be in good hands, my husband and I do not trust daycare. So, I'll find a job as soon as she gets here. Thank you in advance.
  2. I hope that is what happened, I submitted my birth certificate and my parents marriage certificate too, I hope they can make a guess from that.
  3. Good morning, Does anyone know if I130 can be updated online or by calling USCIS? Looking at my snapshot I see question 2 in blank, my parents are biological and were not married at the time of my birth. I believe that is a really important question and I don't even know why in hell would I leave it in blank.🤦🏾‍♀️
  4. Hello everyone, I just filled online today for my Mother in the Dominican Republic. I am worried because I just read some where that I needed to put her class of admission. She has been in the USA twice for 40 days each time, even though she has been given 6 months to stay but she never stayed for more than 40 days. I was ask the date of her last entrance and the expiration which I answered. Her i94 says her visa type is B2, tourist visa. But I left that in blank, I don't remember seeing that and didn't get any red flag at the end of the application. My mom is in Dominican Republic, she lives there so there is were the interview is supposed to happen. Will her application be denied because of that (Class of admission)? I stated in the application that she is outside the USA.
  5. Hello everyone I am about to start I-130 form for my mother but I changed my name during naturalization last year, I am using only my husband's family name now. What documents should I submit so they can see the person on my birth certificate and on my naturalization certificate is the same person? Should we translate all the documents if my mother will be interviewed in Dominican Republic? 🇩🇴 Thanks in advance!
  6. Did you have to submit any documents? I want to petition my mother but first I want to make sure I have everything they would ask me for, my mom is in the Dominican Republic. Good luck with your application.
  7. I had a combo interview n400 and I751 both were approved and my Oath was scheduled right away was sent to get a seat while they printed my Oath letter. Had my interview July 9th and Oath ceremony was on July 12. My local office was Oakland Park FL. It all depends on your Local Office.
  8. I had a combo interview and it was really easy. We brought as many proof as we could collect but they didn't ask for anything just our son's birth certificate. So bring everything you think might help support your case, being prepared gave me lot of peace of mind also make sure your spouse goes with you and everything is gonna be alright. Good luck.
  9. Took me 13 months, June 15th 2018 to July 12th 2019. Interview July 9, 2019 Oath ceremony July 12, 2019. This office is very organized and fast, had a great experience, much better than expected. Good luck
  10. Recieved the permanent GC it looks beautiful, I wish I didn't have to send it back lol kidding 😁
  11. You are lucky you didn't receive it so you don't have to sens it back. The only positive thing for me is I will be able to have a copy of it, but having to send it back to uscis stress me out. It will be delivered today, and tomorrow I am getting rit of it lol.
  12. They do accept big bags. I brought a big backpack and nobody questioned me about it. I can't help with your other question.
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