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  1. That is very reassuring. Thank you for the clarification. I completely misunderstood when I first read it. This whole process got me freaking out over every little thing. 🤯
  2. I read on another thread that a member mentioned that only tax transcripts are now required with the I-864. See website https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-4-collect-financial-documents.html I don't see tax return 1040 mentioned anywhere on that. I am just about ready to send in our application for my wife's adjustment of status. I had just filed my 2018 taxes and was going to send in a copy of the tax return (1040) from TurboTax, along with all my W2s. I won't be able to obtain Tax Transcripts for 2018 until later this year, but I do have 2016, and 2017 which I will also send in. I know 2018 taxes will not be required until after April 15 but I had already filed and I made significantly more in 2018, while I barely made 125% of the FPL in 2017. So I'm hoping if anyone can clear this up this for me. I hope I can still send in my ITR 2018 along w/ W2s for the I-864. I don't want to wait until later in the year for the transcripts before we file for AOS. Please advise.
  3. Thanks. There's already alot of activity to begin the week. Keep your head up. I'm really hoping alot of you November filers get approved soon.
  4. Good point. I just did not answer "Yes" to being arrested because I did not commit any of the crimes that was listed on the 129f. If I had, even as a juvenile, I would have definitely listed it.
  5. We got approved! NOA2 May 18 on new website. K1 received Nov. 30 and NOA1 Dec. 1. Old site and app still says received. It took 168 days. For a while I was confused that I was a December filer, but found out I am a November filer. Hang in the guys, they are moving and grooving with November applications. Good luck, it will come! And congrats for those approved!
  6. I saw that you were approved. Congrats! I'm wondering if you ever did include the juvenile record on the 129F and if you had to disclose it?
  7. Oh right, it's November 28. For some reason, I was thinking it went by Notice date as oppose to the Received date. We'll, I'm now officially out of this thread lol. 🙃Thank you for pointing that out.
  8. Mailed I-129F on 11/25, delivered on 11/28, and got the NOA1 through email and text on 12/1. Just got the hardcopy of NOA1 through the mail today. 🙏
  9. 👍Great answers! I'll do just that. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Thank you for your response. Next question would be, should I type "See part 8" in 1 line of the address section, or all lines? I believe we have around 30 pics, in which some were from over 2 years ago. So we may cut those out, and leave most from 2017. Thank you for the tip, that was very detailed. We'll keep that in mind.
  11. Simple question. When adding additional information in Part 8, do you write "see part 8 for additional information' or fill it out the best you can then continue in Part 8? Also, in regards to photo evidence, we are putting the evidences onto a word document in a clear book. We have 6 pages based on the date taken with 3 photos on each page. Does it matter if it is in chronological order? I was thinking of putting the latest page of photos first. And how many photos is sufficient? I'm seeing mixed answers of 6-8, or as much as you can. Any advise is appreciated.
  12. Cheddar Cheeze

    Viber chat records

    Rather than create a new post, I've decided to revive this post and ask here. I have a new phone and number so it's impossible for me to screenshot our messages when we first started chatting. I downloaded the backup, and the file looks a little overwhelming, and it looks like it can be easily edited (faked). Will they accept this evidence? Viber is our main source of communication, and we think it's important that we can somehow include our Viber chat records with the evidences.