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  1. mysticdolphin95

    March 2018 AOS Filers

    Just received our interview notice yesterday for April 2nd Buffalo is much faster than Minneapolis!
  2. A very good question indeed. From people's timelines, it looks like the most recent Buffalo K-1 AOS filers have taken 3 - 5 months to complete; so, if those are accurate, it seems like the estimation is way off. I definitely think incompetence has at least something to do with it! I just started working for the federal government and the amount of hilarious BS is pretty amazing, even in a relatively functional agency. It seems like the staff and resources dedicated to MSP should be increased by a lot. And yes - unfortunately, you might be in for quite the wait
  3. We had waited for about 11 months in Minneapolis. AOS from K-1 was filed in early March 2018.
  4. Within a month of moving from the MSP field office to the Buffalo, NY one - our interview is scheduled! I'm happy, but it definitely speaks to the incredibly uneven workload distributed throughout the country...yikes.
  5. mysticdolphin95

    March 2018 AOS Filers

    We just moved from our original filing local office (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN) to one that seems to be much quicker (Buffalo, NY). We got the 'ready to interview' notice in late August 2018, but - interestingly - our case just updated on the USCIS site to show: "As of February 12th, your case is ready for interview..." Not sure why it's updated to give us the same status on a different date, but perhaps a good sign? Nearly to our case's first birthday!
  6. Yep, normal depending on your local office. I'm also a March filer and my local office is 15 - 26.5 months, so waiting a year would be faster than expected!
  7. My husband just re-entered through Chicago (ORD) this week with his AP card. No problems whatsoever.
  8. Hey, just wanted to update about my husband's experience traveling with AP! We arrived in Chicago (ORD), so it's possible your experience could be a bit different, but it went very smoothly for us. We filled out one arrival card (with my passport details, etc.) and went through the non-U.S. passport holders line. The CBP officer looked at both our passports and my husband's AP/EAD card, then marked the form, and sent us through to secondary; he said I could go with my husband if I wanted, so I did. We sat for around 10 minutes, then an officer called us, gave back my husband's passport and card, and told us we were free to go. No further questions or anything. There were quite a few people waiting - some arriving on immigrant visas and whatnot - but we found the process fairly expedient.
  9. mysticdolphin95

    March 2018 AOS Filers

    March filers have been pretty quiet! Any more approvals? We're still waiting, but will be transferring our case from Minneapolis, MN to Buffalo, NY when we move next month who knows, maybe we could be done in another 6 months!
  10. Just passport and EAD/AP, I think...not sure what else (if anything) would be helpful. I will be with him, was wondering that as well - I've got Global Entry so it generally takes me 15 seconds to clear Customs, maybe he could convince me to wait around with him if it's allowed 😛 we'll be coming back in through Chicago O'Hare from Auckland.
  11. My husband will be doing it very shortly - MSP won't be our POE back into the U.S., but I'd be happy to report back once we arrive home in January. I've heard that it does require secondary inspection, but is generally no problem.
  12. Why do you think that would be the case? I don't see why it would matter.
  13. Slowest? Come over to Minneapolis-St. Paul!
  14. Yeah, I've honestly got no clue. Honestly, I doubt there is a "line" - probably more like a large pile that files just get tossed in and sent off somewhat randomly.