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  1. working day means not weekday. just add the number of days from Oct 1. e.g. mine is WAC1790331xxx 331 - May 16, which is when USCIS received my I-129F petition
  2. 90 means something, not sure. next 3 digits is the working day of the fiscal year when your case is received. (10/01/13 = 001)
  3. Just heard from fellow member who filed few weeks later than me in the next month has the same 903 in his/her receipt number. So, it must be something else.
  4. No, just regular I-129F. Mailed to Dallas Lockbox and then apparently, they scan it and assign the case to California SC.
  5. Yeah, but still if it's above 365, it can't be work day of the fiscal year. They must have changed the receipt number format.
  6. Seriously, did you read my question or read the answer you posted? 903 cannot be the working day of current fiscal year. They must have changed the way they create the number format.
  7. what does the receipt number mean? mine starts with WAC17903xxxxx WAC- California 17 - Year what is 903?
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