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  1. hi Lucero, 

    My husband also had TPS our interview is finally schedule in Tegucigalpa.  How is your process going?

  2. HI I had TPS in the USA . I had to leave the country due to a Family Emergency ( left with a Parole) and I was not able to come back on time to renew my TPS. I had to stay back in my home Country for Three years finishing my three year Bar for entering without inspection. I just received my interview date and is 4 days before I finish my 3 year bar, I'm trying to reschedule my interview for a later date that way i will have everything in order. My question is: do I steel need a waiver for EWI or the fact that i already finish my 3 year bar is sufficient? Also when they ask how many times I have been in the US should I include the time I enter without inspection and the other time I enter with Parole?
  3. Hi guys, hope everyone had a good holiday We are waiting for our interview date. In the mean time we are getting all of our documents ready, but we are missing the NVC cover letter with a bar code. I know we need this page for the medical exams an for the interview. I went to NVC website, but when i tried to print the page the bar code is not showing. Can any one help me or guide me to how I can get this barcode. thanks
  4. Hi, If you are in Tegucigalpa all you have to do is go to the Registro Nacional de Las Personas, they would look for the Birth Certificate from the Folio. There are two types depending ton the year hi or she was born one is Hand written and one is all printed, mine was all hand printed and is ok as long as they stamp and signed the back of the document. Usually you go in the morning give them your information and by 3 or 4 pm they would have the document ready the same day.
  5. We are in the NVC process, and I have some questions regarding the documentation I need to send with the 260. 1- Birth Certificates of my husbands Son's. He has one son overseas and one in the US we have the birth certificate for his son overseas but Im not able to get the birth certificate of his Son in the US. Is this going to be a problem? Since my husband is overseas I don't have a way to get it without him. 2- Also is asking for my birth certificate as the petitioner, I have a certified one of my self, but is old Does it matter? Im not US born but naturalized Citizen. I do have my Naturalization certificate and passport of course. Can i use my old birth Certificate? 3- When my husband and I got married his Son overseas was 17 years old. What should I do if we want to do and adjustment of status for him. He is now 21 years old, never been married and never been in the US. When I filed the i-130 I only did it for my husband do i have to filed a new 130 for him? what are the steps Thanks
  6. Hi and congratulations!!!!. I have a question my husbands birth certificate from the folio is hand written and is not in a legal size paper. I went to tegucigalpa and they give me a letter size hand written birth certificate since he was born 1975. does this document needs to be translated. Please give me a hand Thanks
  7. xaxa56

    Birth Certificate for Honduras

    Hi, and thanks in all of the info. My husbands birth certificate is also hand written and is not in a long sheet of paper is a letter size, does this matter we got it in tegucigalpa and the birth certificate got a stamp on the back. Does this document needs to be translated? please help me. Thanks
  8. Thanks, do all the documents that need to be submitted to NVC need to be translated in english
  9. Hi, we are waiting for an answer on NOA1. Has anyone process a CR-1 visa but your spouse had been in the US with a TPS status, that was lost due to Family Emergency. Apparently there is no illegall Presence and there will be no waiver. But I'm concern about the interview process at the consulate. He has all his TPS cards to proof that he was there legally. Has anyone had an interview and had the same situation? please give me some feed back. Thanks
  10. Hi, just have a question about the ( Folio Birth Certificate) I went to Archive Central Del Registro Nacional de Las Personas and they give me a short not Long document, and is hand written since is from 1975. Is this the correct document? Does it need to be translated. We are getting closed to received and answer on NOA1 and Im trying to get ready. Thanks for your help
  11. when can you choose your agent, after NVC dices you a case number or as soon as NOA2 gets approved?
  12. Im also from NJ who help you with the NVC process i hired a lawyer and is not working out for us. im still waitin on an answer on my RFE i-130 because my lawyer didnt make a clear copy of a document.
  13. Hi! I'm glad everything worked out just fine for you and that your family is all together in the US. I have a question regarding Police Records. We will be getting the approval for our I-130 any day. and is my understanding that in the IV Package I have to enclosed his Police Records. But I'm not sure if we need Antecedentes Policiales o Penales? Also does any of these documents need to be apostilled including the birth Certificate? I'm processing an IR-1 Visa. Thanks