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  1. My wife and I sent the documents in and they arrived over a week ago. The online tracking from Aramex said the documents arrived but I read another post here on visa journey that said the consulate contacts you to tell you they've received them. This has not yet happened. There's been a complete lack of contact for our case and I've tried emailing the IV-DV email for the Algiers consulate etc. No response. I have checked the status of the visa daily and it still says Administrative processing. I tracked the passport number and it just says theres no update for it, so I assume it's still at the embassy. Can I call someone?
  2. Okay that link for the a number helped out. We never got that handout and I suspect that's probably because she isn't technically approved yet. The fee isn't expected before approval in our case he just said before entry into the US. We're just gonna follow the instructions on the form he gave us and send in a new one. We have a valid Algerian document showing our marriage but he didn't even care about that. He just carried about the marriage certificate. He said it needs to be unexpired (civil documents only last 3 months in Algeria bfore they must be reobtained). I wish the prep paperwork would have told us specifically that we needed a new one.
  3. My wife's visa interview was today in Algiers. She did excellent in the interview and was told she was unable to be issued a visa under Section 221(g) and they took her passport and told her to submit a new marriage certificate. I called the NVC and one of the representatives told me they took the passport because everything else looked fine but they just need those additional documents. However. The paper she has that said she was turned down because of an expired marriage certificate also had another box that said something along the lines of further consideration will be given when these documents are submitted. However the box that said that was not checked so I fear that no further consideration will be given. Is this accurate? The status of my case is "Administrative processing" or something like this. I'm also worried because the interviewing officer also told her I need to pay an immigrant fee as well before she can come here. However. I went to the website on the papers he gave her and it requires me to have an A number which is supposedly supposed to be given to her at the time of the interview. She never got anything that has an a number or anything like that. She only got a paper that has instructions on what to send in and how to send it and a sheet of instructions on paying the fee. Is the A number issues after the Visa is approved or was it supposed to be issued already? From what I understand in Algeria, they take your passport until they issue the Visa and then send it to you through aramex. My main question with this is whether or not she'll get her A number when she gets her passport back. I'm concerned we'll have difficulty paying this fee.
  4. Okay perfect. I am just so worried because there's so much differing information and some people say I did the right thing and others say I did the wrong thing. This entire process is so stressful. I don't even understand how immigration lawyers make a career out of these cases man! Bless ehm lol.
  5. So my wife and I have filled out our DS-260, and we answered "Yes" to the question regarding her immunization records being compliant with US law. After doing so, we checked her vaccination record and it looks like she's actually not received about 4 of the vaccines required. I've googled this extensively and most of the responses say to put "yes" regardless, because during the medical exam, the examiner will go through the vaccination record she brings, and will arrange for the others that have not been completed or need to be re-immunized for to be done that day at the facility. Is this the case?
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