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  1. Follow this and others advice above. No. You have some really good answers in this thread. You will need an attorney in Ukraine as mentioned above to get the ball rolling on this.
  2. Does Morocco have an Embassy in Libya? If yes, can the Libyan citizen visit the Moroccan Embassy to show USCIS documents and US Embassy Morocco documents (you will soon get), and thus, get a waiver for the travel ban ... and successfully get a tourist visa to Morocco?
  3. It would be advantageous to request the Embassy (case out of NVC now) for an updated interview letter emailed to you that includes the married name as beneficiary/visa applicant ... because you would use that updated interview letter for you getting the medical exam done in her married name, which would be very important. Maybe there is an explanation why NVC would be using the maiden name when the DS-260 visa applicant is the married name and that matches with the I-130 approved beneficiary as the married name . Just thinking out loud ... if there was an Alien number already assigned to her with her maiden name from some previous non-tourist USA visa entry, that might be the reason for NVC using her maiden name. Just really don't know if it was mistake or there was a particular reason to muddy the waters. So update us because this is a strange situation.
  4. This is really important information with regard to your Option A ... This proves I-130 beneficiary name is married name. The CO at interview can probably be swayed that a name change error did occur after you filed the DS-260 with visa applicant married name and got "documentarily qualified" response back with her maiden name. The CO will be able to see the I-130 and DS-260 and because they have the married name as beneficiary and visa applicant ... can legally issue the CR-1 visa in the married name. If that is done, the green card and social security card will have the married name. I really think the CO will make sure this happens with your input of course on the subject. Write back with your results. Good Luck !!!!
  5. That is really crazy. Please tell me. You filed I-130 with married name as beneficiary. The I-130 NOA1 that came back in a few days ... What name (maiden/married) came back as beneficiary on NOA1 ?
  6. So for your options ... your marriage certificate is a part of your filed documents. However, the visa beneficiary name (maiden name) is kind of "set in stone" at this point with the DS-260 visa application. Social security will be getting her maiden name from this application as well. Option A - I really doubt the beneficiary visa name can be changed from the visa applicant name in the DS-260. Option B - is your less headache option of getting the visa process over and done with and get her to the USA. You will have to change green card name as you said, and also, change Social Security card name. Pretty straightforward to do. Option C - Does not help with the green card name issue. And there is no reason to chane the valid maiden name passport. Just travel with your marriage certificate and your updated married name green card.
  7. "I understand now (which I did not before) that the Green Card will beissued only to the name on the passport." .... I am answering only this statement with this post. Assume that your wife's valid passport name remains as her maiden name. When you filled out the Spousal Visa I-130 Petition, you could have used her married name as the beneficiary name ... where your marriage certificate is evidence of name change. Also when filling out the electronic DS-260 visa application for NVC, you could have used her married name there as well as visa applicant, once again where your marriage certificate is evidence of name change. If you had done either of the two things above in your document filings, her green card would have her married name on it and her passport would remain a valid document with her maiden name (thus always travel with the marriage certificate).
  8. "If you leave more than six months, you start at zero." Wrong "Don't assume. Read again, read more, or just take what I told you as correct. Additionally, being gone six months or more resets the calendar to zero." (with respect to naturalization) Wrong "There's a wonderful worksheet to go through first. Download it. Study it." Ok let's do it, here's the naturalization worksheet: Attachment A - Question 4: During the past three years, I have not been out of the country for 18 months or more. If you answered “True” to all four questions, go to Question 5 on page 1. Question 5 on page 1: During the last five years (or the last three years if I qualify under Attachment A), I have not taken a trip out of the United States that lasted one year or more. End of relevant questions in naturalization worksheet. So statements that the naturalization clock resets at 6 months in duration out of the USA are wrong.
  9. Write an email through the AskNVC webpage: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html asking for a status of your case regarding scheduling an interview. NVC will respond in some way within a few days.
  10. This is correct. You can do some research on this site and look at IR-1/CR-1 & IR-2/CR-2 VJers time lines specific to Manilla. The results will tell you what to expect.
  11. Since you do not have the last 3 year's returns, don't check the box. Your cover letter will explain the missing 2016 return.
  12. I can see you just joined. Please add your timeline. Making a guess, NVC will schedule interview appointments during the last week of the month. So possibly your case was "documentarily qualified" to late last month for scheduling an interview. If by the end of this month nothing happens, send in a "AskNVC" email: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html
  13. " So my question is on part 5b where it asks if i have attached copies of 2nd and 3rd most recent tax year should i mark it or leave it blank and just include my 2017transcript anyway?  ... "Also for part 6c where it asks reported income on tax return for 3rd most recent year ( 2016) should i just put N/A? 2016: N/A 2017: Use transcript (upload separately) 2018: Use return (upload separately) AND use W-2/1099 etc (all uploaded separately) "also should i upload a cover letter or just a letter stating i did not file 2016 tax return because i was a student and had no income?" A Cover Letter that explains all your document uploads is highly suggested. My cover letters have always been "Accepted". My cover letter included timeline for name changes. Your cover letter can include comments about missing 2016 return. It is all very helpful for NVC. Just a note: Make sure you also get an employment verification letter on employer's letterhead with signature for uploading as well.
  14. Attention to detail is critical for success. Just accept that your job is to check over everything your attorney does to ensure success. Keep asking advice here as you need to. If there are errors in some uploads, it's ok. NVC will "Reject" the bad uploads and "Accept" the good uploads. Just keep doing the uploads and/or reviewing them until all required documents are accepted. When it comes to attorneys, I have used many different types for many different reasons. I learned to always expect some kind of mistake and be watchful of their work output (filings, pleadings etc). But their expertise had always been needed for my particular legal issues. However, like many VJers, I did all the visa work with my husband/fiance. Straightforward directions are here and advice to find information you need is here also.
  15. Even though you got the actual email response back from ExpediteNVC, they asked you to make the non-expedite request through AskNVC (which you did do then), and that process through AskNVC to request for CSPA protection is your most important step to get your request to the correct department at NVC. I am just trying to say that this is really not an "expediting of the visa process" because it is more like "getting NVC to do their job" process. When NVC does their job to give you CSPA protection with a F22 CSPA Age Lock-In date of April 1st (because you filed the DS-260), then the visa process continues normally towards your case getting an Embassy interview scheduled. So the AskNVC email is how CSPA protection should be requested.