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  1. My wife and I had two friends naturalize this year, one in January and they had theirs a month later, and one in May who had theirs on the same day on a Thursday.
  2. My wife just had her interview scheduled for 21 July in San Antonio.
  3. My wife just had her interview scheduled for 21 July in San Antonio.
  4. When did you apply? My wife’s status says 5 months and applied at the end of December 2020?
  5. Same, and we have two friends have have naturalized in like three months, same office both before and after us. Very discouraging.
  6. My congressman had an event in my town, so I had my wife fill out a form so they can inquire, and hopefully serve as a “bump.”
  7. Is your case still showing your smear image as September?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/newsinfo.inquirer.net/1400697/iatf-oks-uniform-travel-protocols-no-more-mandatory-covid-19-test-quarantine-unless/amp saw this pop up and saw it in Philstar as well! I’m not sure if this means no more tests or quarantine when arriving in Manila or Cebu, but definitely going in the right direction!
  9. My wife’s completed time lapsed one month to October 2021. San Antonio, Texas.
  10. So my wife filed on 26 December, and got a biometrics reuse notice on 13 January. And a friend of her’s filed in mid September, and had her interview the 7th, so our office seems to be chugging along. And we all live in Bexar County.
  11. Just checked my wife’s online account, she now has a biometrics reuse notice dated for yesterday, 13 January. Completion estimate is still September. But she had a friend who applied a few months before her, just waiting for her oath went from applying to interview in 4.5 months. So hopefully we follow the same trend.
  12. Good evening and Merry Christmas, my wife is applying under the 3 year rule, and her date to apply was tomorrow, the 26th. However, I guess the USCIS website runs on GMT, allowed me to submit and pay. The case showed up on her account and shows as December 26th. Applying in San Antonio, Texas, hopefully this flies by.
  13. Same, I’m not sure if I should do padlab or Red Cross, or if they are dependent on what terminal you arrive in.
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